Horse Ready For Halloween

Horses wanna go trick or treating too.

“A painted dog? What about a painted horse?.”
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Clowns Entertain Young Patient With Santa Claus

Clowns can either fuel dreams of happiness or terror.  Which is it for you?

“NIGHTMARE FUEL  Your tank is full”
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Adult Elephants Rush To Falling Baby Elephant

Rescue the baby!

“Baby elephant slips and falls on his back”
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Rake Repurpose

Wine glass holder now.  Rake in its previous life.

“Reusing an old rake.”
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Log Throw Gone Bad

Judgment.  Don’t forget to duck.

Log Throwing Fail

January 2, 2014

Sturdy Window Fools

Judgment.  Is it possible the big window may not be made of glass after all?  So learned the troublemakers.

Window Smash Fail – Hilarious

March 11, 2013

Laser Pointer Is For The Cat

“This Is Going To Be Hilarious.  Purchase of laser pointer, reasons.  Business presentation.  Astronomy.  Cat.”
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