Balmy Carrot Soup

Carrot simmers in thought.

“After stewing in his emotions, emo veg comes to the conclusion that the root of the world’s problems is that people don’t seem to carrot all..”
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Clean That Cat Face

Even cats don’t like odds and ends on a fellow cat’s face.
“You Got Something On Your Face.”
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Dog Dreams Of Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni and sausage on the pizza.  Not in the traditional sense, though.

“Pizza with extra sausage.”
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Baby Chick Tries To Waken Sleeping Cat

This little chick wants its kitty friend to wake up.  Now.

“Hey, wake up.”
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Domino Marines In Thailand

At least these marines get back up, unlike dominos that just fall in sequence.

“Thailand marines domino at military parade.”
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Giant Snake Gets Bath By Child

Only a child can apply that gentle bath rub upon a giant snake’s head like no one else.  Even when there is not enough room in the bath pot for both of them.

“Most Dangerous Bathtime.  Mr. Snake loves his bath time.”
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Kitty Gets Teeth Brushed

No cavities for this cat.

Kitty Loves to Brush His Teeth!

May 20, 2007