Guillotined Hammer

The nail that broke the hammer’s back..

“My friend just sent this to me.  Well played nail.  You win.  “
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Grow A Tiny Lawn

For the green thumb in those with limited space outdoors.

“Grass seeds+soil+CD case= Cool!.”
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Toilet Paper Bridal Dress

May the rain miss this bride.

“Watch me use 11 rolls of toilet paper…”
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Racoons Warm Up

Ahhhh!  The simple joy of warmth.

“Praise be to the heater gods!.”
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Thief Gets Punished

Beware the girl who knows how to fight back.

“Steal my purse? Break your neck.”
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Clothesline Pups

Drying the dogs au naturale.

“Drip Dry Dogs.”
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Siamese Snowmen

Radiation can have unpredictable effects in the environment.

“I see what you did there…”
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