Two Kitties Puzzled By Rice Cooker

It is not enough to smack the rice cooker.  Watch the cat that enters at 7 seconds.

Two Cats vs Rice Cooker – Funny cute cat

January 31, 2013

Dog Shovels Snow

Giant doggy treat awaits this  hard-working pooch!

“I Got This…Just Give Me A Minute.”
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Crippled Colors

Convalescing crayons that cannot run.


“These colors don’t run.”
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Spring Cleaning At The Pool

No time like now to rid yourself of excess.

 “Spring cleaning is time to throw out those children that have accumulated over the winter.”
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Kitty Catches Cow Milk

Open wide!

“cat drinking milk directly form a cow.”
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Canine Binky Loot

Since the baby was placated with the binky, perhaps it might provide doggy comfort too.  So thought Gabby the dog.

“I am Gabby. I steal Binky.”
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Cat Keeps Up With Cartwheels

Taking the kitty for a walk.

“Doing cartwheels with a cat.”
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