Creative Colored Tape Car Application

The quick glance from the novice may not spot the damage under this automobile’s artistic cover.  But Dad will notice it from a mile away.

“Dad Won’t Notice.”
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Puppy Trusts Master Enough To Jump


“French bulldog puppy jumps into his owner’s arms. Shows no hesitation second time around.”
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Tech Support Location By The Computer Issue

It really does seem that there is a direct relationship with distance form tech support and the complexity of the computer problem at hand.   Maybe not exactly like the graph would have one believe, but along the same theme.

“Tech Support .”  How complicated the problem is.  Forgot to turn PC on; United States.  Need to reboot; Canada.  Have to use Windows update; Africa.  Need to mess with Bios; India.
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Little Hamster With Big Appetite

Hamster with bottomless pit.

Tiny Hamster vs Kobayashi (Ep. 3)

September 16, 2014

Baby Pig Keeps On Going Around Cats

This little piggy is giving cat fatigue.

“Adorable Baby Pig Trying To Be Friend Some Kitties.”
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Car Alarm Attitude

The apathy of car alarms.

“Thoughts When A Car Alarm Goes Off .  That’s annoying, go deactivate it.  Someone’s car is being stolen.”
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Butterfly Flocks To Flutist

So cool.  Can the butterfly hear the flute, or does it just respond to the flutist’s physical swaying?

Sommerfugl kunne ikke forstyrre konkurrencedeltager – Butterfly fails to faze flautist

September 16, 2014