Sign Advises Property Trespassers To Beware


“Prayer is the best way to meet the Lord, but trespassing on this property….. is faster.”
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Parkour Brick Face Fail

Major ouch.  Enough for a concussion possibly.

“Major parkour face plant.”
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Car Rolls Onto San Anotnio Train Tracks

Weird.  Might be best to stay out of the car and let the car roll in neutral on its own.  Or just drive yourself over the tracks and out of the way of any possible oncoming train.

The San Antonio Ghost Tracks

January 8, 2010

Hankies And Wipies For Critical Moments

Be leery of touching your co-worker’s computer after violent sneezing sprays all over. 

Girl sneezes dirty at work in the office…

September 20, 2011