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Crank Up A Fright-In-The-Box Surprise

Oh the innocent.  Sometimes they get real world schooling sooner than they  might like.  Some children are just not sturdy enough for surprises that leap from a jack-in-the-box. 

May be considered kiddy torture.

“Jack-in-the-box scares baby.”
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Light Up The Microwave


Then someone got a bright idea!

Light Bulb in microwave experiment

February 8, 2008

The Special Short Bus

A special short bus, brought to us by an especially creative person.

The driver might be heard saying, “Come ride with us,” upon swinging the bus doors open at the next stop.

For now, the crafty mechanical big rig takes a break in a handicapped parking spot,  awaiting its next big job-hauling endeavor.  But will it get ticketed, unless it has special tags?

Riding the Short Bus.”
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Corn On The Cob Made In The Microwave Silk Free

Just in time for the summer season. 

4 minutes a corn in the microwave.  

Ready to eat after you let it slip out of its enclave.  No silk to get tangled in your teeth.

Shucking Corn–Clean Ears Everytime

September 25, 2011

McDonald’s Boosts Profits After Facelift

McDonald’s profits boosted by store revamps.  BBC. 

Spruce things up a bit, and they will come.  And spend more.   Appearances and different menu items seem to have helped McDonald’s enjoy rosier profits.   

McDonald’s profits rose 5% in the first quarter to $1.27bn, helped by a revamp of its restaurants.

Sales at US stores that have been open at least 13 months rose 8.9% in the quarter.

New look.  New menu items.  More money.  Simple concepts applied to turn a profit.   


Big Business Eyelashes Are Coming To Congress

The competition appears to be right behind a big money-making business. 

Drugmaker’s Eyelash Fight Reaches Congress.  Roll Call. 

Allergan makes Latisse (R), an eyelash growth-enhancing medication applied to the eyelashes, to help them grow thicker and more numerous.  Whether there are few eyelashes because of medical problems, or someone feels there are just not enough eyelashes for cosmetic reasons, Latisse (R) can be used to help make them longer, darker, and thicker, and help grow more of them.  But the original manufacturer must be worried about the competition.     

With good reason.

Latisse costs $90 to $120 for a month’s supply and is not covered by insurance. It is identical to Allergan’s glaucoma drug Lumigan, an eyedrop that spurs eyelash growth as a side effect. Athena’s product, by contrast, costs $150 for a six-month supply.

The heart of the matter stems from the active ingredients called  prostaglandin analogs (PGA).   

Allergan would like Congress to require all products containing a class of ingredients known as prostaglandin analogs, or PGAs, to be approved and sold as drugs. Latisse’s active ingredient is a PGA.Can you see the price of those “cosmetics” shoot through the roof, and into the consumer’s pocketbooks? 

Can you see the price of those “cosmetics” now shoot through the roof, and out of the consumer’s pocketbooks? 

“This is a growing problem, not a static problem,” said Damon Burrows, Allergan’s vice president and associate general counsel. “The longer this proliferates, the greater the potential that other companies will try to use PGAs in products that they claim to be cosmetics.”

 Is it an attempt to change the rules of the game in the name of safety or profit?

It is hard to say exactly how many rival products contain the ingredients. Last spring, the FDA warned at least one company, Lifetech Resources, that it misbranded a similar product called RapidLash that also contained PGAs. Revitalash, another eyelash enhancer made by Athena Cosmetics Inc., also contains a PGA, according to its website.

RapidLash (R) by Rocasuba and RevitaLash (R) by Athena Cosmetics may be inexpensive alternatives.  Non-prescription too, with lower price tags.  It is understandable why Allergan would be concerned about Rocasuba, Athena, and others nipping at their heels.

Might one comment, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?”


Dolphin Rescue In Brazil

Looks like the dolphins took a wrong turn and made landfall instead.

Fortunately, there were enough humans around to pull them back out to water, so they could return to sea.

Click here.


Food Stamp Ranks Swell By 70% In 3 Short Years

Wow.  Food Stamp Spending Has More Than Doubled Since 2008.  Brietbart.

The federal government spent $39 BILLION in 2008, and now it has shot up to $81 BILLION in 2012.  Oh, just add another billion to make it a cool $82 BILLION projected cash outlay by 2013.  All in just one presidential election cycle.   

Nothing wrong with subsidizing those in need. 

But the staggering escalation in cost is dizzying.  Primarily because taxpayers are footing this bill, and recipients in need have swollen the food stamp rolls.  Recipients that oddly had no need before 2008.  So what is being done to rein in costs?  To prevent others from falling into the food stamp line? 

Hmmm.  Maybe if jobs were a little more easy to come by, more folks would not find themselves in need.  It would also help to monitor the program for loopholes and inefficiencies that facilitate fraud.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the U.S. is experiencing a “food stamp crime wave,” as the program is now rife with fraud, abuse, and waste.

As Rev. Jesse Jackson has stated, President Barack Obama should consider it “an honor to be a food stamp president.”

Food stamp rolls at 45 million people is  a very sad reflection of the state of things in this country.  It is a far disturbing that the federal government, namely the Executive and Legislative branches of the government, are unable to turn the tide towards prosperity.  

Business-friendly has the power to fuel prosperity by opening up employment opportunities.  Poison the waters from which business drinks by undue regulation and taxes, starve the masses that also come to drink from the well.  Instead, they will eat from the food stamp line.   

“Food stamp spending has more than doubled since 2008.”
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Take Your Kid To Work Every Day As A Southland School Bus Driver

Talk about clever advertising.  Here is how one school district is determined to cull applicants into becoming school bus driving employees.

Desperately wanted: school-bus drivers.  CBC News.  Calgary.

Southland Transportation has put out an urgent call for nearly 200 drivers. The company operates 900 school buses in southern Alberta and if vacancies aren’t filled by September, bus routes could be a lot longer for children.

Recruiters are targeting stay-at-home parents, who can save day-care dollars by bringing their kids with them on the bus. Southland is also going after retired and semi-retired people who don’t want a full-time job.

Southland will probably be getting a lot of applicants very soon.

“As long as kids get evenings and weekends off, so will you.
You’ll never take your work home with you.  In fact, it would be illegal. 
Make $16.25 an hour doing what most parents do for free.
Become a school bus driver.  Call 252-9322.  Southland.”
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Baby Penguin Squeezes It Out

Baby penguin seeks target.  For defacation practice.  

Penguin carefully takes a shot.  

“Baby penguin expels feces.”
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