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Mother Helps Daughter Get Closer Look At Meal

Mothers are usually very doting on their children.  Except this one who relishes the prank during a meal.

“Mother pranks her kid at table.”
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Canine Road Trip Passenger

Someone is intent on making the road trip with their human.

“Got finished packing the car and found this waiting for me, she hates being left behind.
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Tent Lift Off

It’s such a disappointment to have your temporary home blow away.

“Wind blows tent away.”
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Delivery Room Lesson

Ahhh, the birth of a legacy.  Be careful in the handling.

Commercial, funny

December 10, 2006


Beware When Natural Gas Pilot Goes Out

A commercial to make you think and beware of what can happen when the gas pilot on the stove goes out, and those who should be paying attention are oblivious.

Creative Funny Ads Cricket India Vs Pakistan Gas Commercial

October 3, 2013

Advisor To The Young

The internet has apparently surpassed the advisors of yesteryear.

“Who young people turn to for help these days.  Parents.  Teachers.  Help line.  Friends.   Internet.”
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Baby Smells Something

Alas!  A brilliant neonate that recognizes the potency of its own evacuation.

“Is That Smell ME?”
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Happy Easter 2014

Be sure to check what the Easter Bunny left in the bathroom.

“Opps.  forgot to flush.  The Easter Bunny.”
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Birthday Boy Goes After Candles

A shame Dad’s reaction time was too slow.

“Kid blowing birthday candles fail.”
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Quote Of The Day April 14, 2014

Family.  Who can live without them?

Here is what George Bernard Shaw had to say.

When our realtives are at home, we have to think of all their good points or it would be impossible to endure them.