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Baby Beard

Proudly practicing for Christmas already, this infant has his family helping him with an essential part of the Santa suit: a tidy white beard.

“So apparently my 2 month old son really likes Santa’s beard….”
Image courtesy of http://imgur.com/fQenK4i.

Videos Meet Power Mower

Oh the horror.  Of allowing your progeny to go through life without taking on the responsibility of a job.  Best to cut the hydra video demon off swiftly at the head with a power mower.

Dad mows his son’s games so he’ll get a job! That is an unimaginably severe punishment!

October 19, 2014


Canine Plops Down On Infant

Nothing like a comfy pillow to sit on.

“Dalmatian sits on baby’s head.”
Image courtesy of http://gifb.in/S1RV.

Spiderman Watches Neighborhood

This neighborhood is protected by a Spiderman.  Beware of his webs.

“Canadian guy vandalizes a bunch of signs. The people rejoiced.”
Image courtesy of http://imgur.com/gallery/ztXR6.

Water Baloon Burst

You know the sibling was setting the baby up for fall.

“Baby vs. water ballon.”
Image courtesy of http://gifb.in/jCBV.

Mother Helps Daughter Get Closer Look At Meal

Mothers are usually very doting on their children.  Except this one who relishes the prank during a meal.

“Mother pranks her kid at table.”
Image courtesy of http://gifb.in/CTRV.

Canine Road Trip Passenger

Someone is intent on making the road trip with their human.

“Got finished packing the car and found this waiting for me, she hates being left behind.
Image courtesy of http://imgur.com/gAq00f4.