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Establishment Beckons Customers

Enter the establishment of your choice.

“Booze.  Food.  Fun.  Real Life.
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Shower Curtain Scum Solution

Lots easier than scrubbing.

Bathroom Cleaning : How to Remove Soap Scum from a Plastic SHOWER CURTAIN

January 26, 2012

Easy Way To Get A Six Pack

Why go to the gym to make some abs?  Just sit, relax, and squeeze.

“Six Pack , seems legit.”
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Faux Pineapple Head

Great haircut for the summer.

“Pinapple Cut.”
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Cinder Block Bench

Cinder blocks have all sorts of uses.  Good for tough bench warmers.

“Comfortable Concrete .”
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Canine High Five

Pink bow-cad canine performs flawlessly.

“The Triple Whammy!”
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Speedy Drivers Get There Faster

Speed demons know this already.

“What’s accomplished by driving twice the speed limit.  Getting to destination faster.  Getting to the red lights faster.”
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