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DNC Convention 2008 Summary

Just in case you missed it, the Democratic National Committee Convention 2008 came to a close already.  A few snippets from near and far. 

On the convention as a whole.  Norman Birnbaum On Staged Unity in Denver at Der Spiegel,

Controlled and stage managed by the Obama machine with a rigour that would not have been out of place in a People’s Republic (every speech was edited, and parts were sometimes censored out), the convention was utterly devoid of debate. It was a fair, a Kermesse, with a decent showing of rock stars, film actors and actresses, miscellaneous celebrities of every sort (but few or no scientists, perhaps in deference to the Biblical literalists.) And, of course, there were the rich, buying shares of power or at least proximity to it.

“The Perfect Presentation.  Five Top Sales Professionsals Tell You, Step-By-Step, How To Successfully Sell” 
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Toby Harnden from Real Clear Politics on A Fine Speech But A Wasted Convention,

We already knew, moreover, that Obama could give a fine speech. To a large extent, the McCain campaign, building on Hillary Clinton’s “just words” and “one speech”, has neutralized this powerful talent by turning it against him. By over-reaching in Berlin, the fine speechifying became a potential millstone for him.

Truth be told, the faux Greek temple looked more Vegas than Parthenon. The backdrop was probably designed to evoke the Lincoln memorial with perhaps a dash of West Wing thrown in. But once the fireworks had exploded from the structure and red, white and blue streamers were draped over it, it was sheer kitsch.

“Kitsch Mart”
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On the lack of diversity of the official convention blogger corps per the Washington Post,

Race was not a factor in the selection of the State Corps, Wyeth repeatedly says…But, to the frustration of black bloggers, the list appears to be mostly white…Francis L. Holland, one of the vocal black bloggers, sent e-mails to DNC officials asking that 15 black-operated blogs be added to the State Corps. “There is nothing ‘Democratic’ about an all-white Democratic National Convention floor blogging corps,” he wrote in an e-mail. Holland is also asking for the inclusion of 15 Latino-operated blogs.

And From the Denver Post on a few celebrity sightings that may give the star struck convention validation for some.

Oprah Winfrey, Forest Whitaker , Kanye West, LeVar Burton, Alfre Woodard, Blair Underwood, Gayle King, Cicely Tyson, Martin Luther King III, Rev. Al Sharpton, O and J.Lo, Jane Seymour, Fran Drescher…

“Celebrity Donkey”
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And on Denver, in the eyes of New Yorkers heading home, per Fox News,

Let’s face it: It’s a clean, boring city that desperately needs a transportation chief and maybe a head of public safety… long lines at the entrance to the Pepsi Center… a significant lie: That the main hotels were either “minutes” or “blocks” away, that the Center was within walking distance. All of this was untrue, but exacerbated by too many blocked streets blocked off to vehicles, not enough vehicles, and no streets dedicated to shuttle buses, taxis, and limos during crunch hours… The total disorganization of the entire process

“Donkey Line”
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Okay, that’s it.  Next convention pending with the Republicans.