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Under The Bus Go Oprah’s Followers

“Cool Bus Fun System”
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Too bad Oprah Winfrey has declined to offer equal time to Governor Sarah Palin on her show, according to the Drudge Report.  Oprah strongly denies the report to Fox News and AOL.  She previously said she does not want to have any politician on her show that would use it as a platform.  Reportedly, her website is receiving inumerable requests and her staff is enthusiastic about having Palin on the show, but Oprah and her top advisors are nixing the idea, considering her support for Obama. 


She has had Senator Barack Obama on her show twice (before he announced presidential run).  She has openly endorsed him.  She has gone on the campaign trail with him, even the Democratic Party convention when Obama gave his acceptance speech.  Her show is extremely popular among women viewers and would not be as popular today if were not for them.  Many espouse her endorsements.   But now she reportedly declines an offer to Sarah Palin to appear on her show until AFTER the election?   

The American Sentinel makes a point through its post, “Oprah Winfrey Throws Women Under The Bus.”  Granted it is unlikely Sarah Palin will be giving any interviews right now anyway, according to The Atlantic and TMZ.  

But an open invitation now, rather than the behind the scenes discussions and public denials to the contrary, make Ms. Winfrey appear, well, hmmm, quite BIASED. 

“Barack Obama.  Oprah Winfrey Seal Of Approval.  I, Oprah Winfrey, Do Solemnly Declare My Support For Barack H. Obama For President 2008.”
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