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Rescue The Flag From The Democrats

“Did You Eat A Bowl Of Stupid For Breakfast?”
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A travesty the Democratic National Committee had no proper respect for the American flag, after their convention was over.  Fox News and No Quarter USA first reported that apparently 84 bags filled with discarded plastic flags were found at Invesco Field in Denver after Senator Barack Obama’s acceptance speech.   They were found “IN AND NEAR GARBAGE BINS,” a total of about 12,000 miniature flags.  See pictures here.  A vendor turned them over to Boy Scouts, who subsequently turned them over to the John McCain campaign.  They then made their way into the hands of McCain supporters at a rally in Colorado Springs, with remaining flags to be placed at Colorado memorials.  McCain supporters were happy to give the flags new life.  

Meanwhile, DNC organizers denied the flags were meant to be discarded,

but instead were snatched from the site of Obama’s historic address to carry out a “cheap political stunt.”

Ironic.  If the flags were so important to the DNC and its thousands of delegates who crowded the stadium for the historic event, then why was it not important enough to find a proper way to treat the flag after the conclusion?   The DNC celebration was more important than the American flag, despite all it represents to most Americans. 

“American flags in trash at Invesco Field after DNC convention”
Image courtesy of http://www.redstate.com/diaries/redstate/2008/aug/28/mystery-solved/.

Proper flag etiquette says a flag can be discarded if it is tattered or torn beyond repair, per the USA Flag Site.

US Flag Code.  TITLE 4> CHAPTER 1> Sec.8(k). states:

“The flag, when it is such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignifed way, preferably by burning.”

Your local VFW, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, or municipalities, may have disposal programs.  Contact them.  Senator John McCain and company certainly can give a new life to a flag. 

Kudos to the McCain campaign for rescuing and recycling the flags into a new life.  Country First!


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