Changing The Tone

“Shark” [No, not Sarah Barracuda]
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LOOK OUT!  Senator Barack Obama, never one to be outshone, has now changed his campaign rally tone from that of a dry, dull, politician on the stump, to a more animated, challenging one.  Wow.  His poll numbers are slipping.  “John McCain leads Barack Obama, 49% to 44%, in the immediate aftermath of the Republican National Convention, according to the latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking results.  Gallup Daily poll 08/08/08.”  Similar numbers via No Quarter.  Obama has decided to change the tone of the race; decidedly after Senator John McCain named Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate on the GOP ticket, and the glory of the Republican Party convention, all after less than two weeks!  With all due concern, and panicky sensing the need to turn the tide, Obama decided he he had to do something.

Unsure how to respond to the fabulous and electrifying Governor Sarah Palin?  The one who has helped steal the Obama limelight?  Not quite ready to “relinquish the spotlight” Barack?

Here’s how Obama has done it!  At a town hall meeting in North Farmington, Michigan, September 8, 2008, he actually tried comedy to “mock and ridicule” his opponent.   Maria Gavrilovic of ABC News noted,

His performance tonight looked like a page from his days of campaigning against Hillary Clinton.

“I mean, mother, governor, moose shooter?! I mean I think that’s cool, that’s cool stuff,” Obama said about Palin’s biography.

When discussing McCain’s energy plan, Obama poked fun at his line on drilling. “What were the Republicans hollerin’, ‘drill baby drill’? What kind of slogan is that?! They were getting all excited about drilling!”

Wow.  Ha ha.  ROFLH (rolling on floor laughing hysterically), at that comedic ATTEMPT.   Don’t quit your day job.  Stick to the script.  Comedy is not one of your selling points.   Leave the humor to the professionals!

“Send In The Clowns.  The Ballads Of Stephen Sondheim.”
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“Clowns On Bicycles in Manhattan”
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