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The Awesome Obama


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Xeno’s Paradox has done a fabulous job of summarizing all those great reasons, Senator Barack Obama can be admired by one and all.

…And should he deign to grace the Oval Office with his august presence, …

Just one of the of 10 reasons,

# 7: Senator Obama is so badass that 200,000 Germans just LOVE him. Or, wait, was it 20,000 instead? The first reporter said it was 20,000, and then they switched to saying 200,000 later on. Which is it? Who cares, anyway, the Germans like the hell out of him, thus proving that, like, it’s perfectly ok to give huge speeches to foreign nations, as part of your cunning strategy to get elected God-Emperor of Dune. Wait, Europe. Wait, no, he’s running for the U.S. Presidency, isn’t he? So why’s he in Germany again? Never mind, they liked him, and that’s what REALLY counts.

But this is only one!  Hop on over to Xeno’s and read more.  And don’t forget to hit the individual links that are listed in each one of the 10 reasons.   Subcategories of brutalizing amazement! (Don’t forget to visit periodically – list continually updated with more surprises)

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