Cramming For The Test

Senator Barack Obama will be in a major cram session for the next few days in preparation for his debate with Senator John McCain, for the first presidential debate focusing on foreign policy.

Newsmax reports there will be some serious work in progress.

“Have no doubt about the capabilities of Sen. Obama to a debate. He’s very, very good,” McCain told voters in Ohio. “He was able to defeat Sen. Hillary Clinton, who, as we all know, is very accomplished. He was able to, with his eloquence, inspire a great number of Americans. These will be tough debates.”

One goal will be to make sure Obama gets to the point quicker than he tended to in the primary debates, an aide said. The often loquacious Illinois senator has been delivering snappier soundbites recently on the campaign trail at the encouragement of his campaign advisers.

Let’s take a look at a few things that are on the agenda and that will be found at the hotel during this intense preparation.

First a couple of pertinent references will be used.  His choreographers told him, “Don’t leave home without them.”

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“Remedial Iraq Study Group.  Cram your Way To Vicrory.”
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“Foreign policy For Dummies.  A Reference For Fighting Terrorists.”
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His room will be stocked with plenty of food and drink.

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Rules as noted regarding sleep.

“Sleeping Prohibited 11 p.m. – 6 a.m.”
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If he is not careful, he may find himself doing this inadvertently.

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So then he will have to imbibe in the brew of choice to perk up.

“Drink Coffee.  Do Stupid Things Faster With More Energy.”
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And then he will find himself pacing about, wearing a path into the hotel carpet, and getting billed for it.

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He will keep in mind what his teachers and friends have taught him well.

“Obama.  Ayers.  Dorhn.  Obama.”
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“Pfleger.  Farrakhan.”
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“Barack Obama.  In your heart you know he’s Wright.  Obama and Jeremiah Wright.  TWO OF A MIND.  Be Mine.”
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“Rezko.  Obama.  Auchi.”
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“Sinclair.  Obama.  Axelrod.  Dean.  Obama could be in big trouble.  Civil suit filed today.”
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He will try to remain calm so as not to release an outburst of frustration.

“I Wan’t YOU To Shut Your Mouth When I’m Talking.”
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No need to worry about the critics.  Mainstream media will assure this scenario.

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Indeed, Obama’s need to come off astute and knowledgeable, has run counter to common sense and the good of the country.

McCain on the other hand, has put his campaign on hold while he is busy trying to rescue the current economic crisis with fellow senators, congressmen/women, and the president.

“Superman McCain”
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Obama has balked at putting his campaign on hold to work together with others to help solve this crisis.  Instead, he is in his pod, head in the sand, fearing the debate or working out a solution to the economic crisis, so much that an unexpected accident would not be a surprise.

“Study Pod”
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“Head In Sand”
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“Scared Face”
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“Pee In Pants”
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5 responses to “Cramming For The Test

  1. Great post. Great images. Oh, and thank you for linking to me.

  2. I hope Obama makes a big fat F on Friday.

  3. Foreign Policy is McCain’s strong suit, yet the left is accusing McCain of trying to purposely avoid a debate? It makes no sense.

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