Crisis In The Washington Emergency Room

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The American financial crisis continues to create significant angst.  Rightfully so.  The American financial system on the brink of collapse.  This is an emergency. 

  • Patient/Economy :  YES!  This crisis is definitely an emergency.   Call 911!  I don’t feel well at all….
  • Family member/Private sector: 911, This is an emergency!  Send an ambulance!  Please hurry!  Rescue the economy!  Rescue the economy!
  • Patient/Economy:  If you can only get me to the ER, I know the hospital will have their best and brightest there to help me.

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  • The ambulance is called and takes the patient to the emergency room.  The dire straits of the economy could quickly decimate and the country could spiral into the depths of depravity!  The patient is close to expiring.
  • Patient/Economy: Help me, please.  Fading in and out of consciousness, the patient is aware that help is just a short ride away.  And alas, a glimmer of hope is sensed upon seeing the frenzy that ensues as this very special VIP patient is wheeled into the main trauma room, at the Ivory Tower Teaching Hospital Medical Center.
  • Family member/Private sector:  Please hospital folks, nurses, doctors, everyone, please help my beloved.  This pleading gut wrenches the hospital personnel.
  • Admission Officer/Government:  I just need to get a little information.  Name…Address…
  • Family member/Private sector:  There’s no time for this!  You should have all this information already.  The patient has been here before.  You have billed the insurance in the past.  You should have all this information already!
  • Admission Officer/Government:  Trudges off.  Finds all the pertinent information indeed.  Alerts the triage desk that this patient has one foot on a banana peel and the other in the grave.  Finally calls in the cavalry.  Goes off on break.
  • Nurses/Government:  The nurses, realizing the significance, call a trauma code.  The intern and junior residents are paged stat!
  • Junior Doctors/Politicians:  They break out from the drudgery of floor and clinic work and fly down the stairs into the trauma room.  Adrenaline rush!  Just maybe they might save a life AND get kudos from their supervisor doctor teachers.  Immediate assessment of the patient is not good.  Not good at all.  They start out rudimentary resuscitation measures.  Frenzy.  Vital signs are wavering.  There is still hope.  Labs are drawn, x-rays, EKG’s, CT scans.  All done.  Results are met with more intervention.  These junior doctors are feeling pressure, but they will not relent.  There is a life to be saved.  They have stabilized the patient somewhat.  Vital signs are fragile.  But their preliminary assessment is unclear.  They realize, if they can’t make the diagnosis, they can’t treat the problem.  Time is ticking away.  The junior doctors are fizzling fast and afraid to call their senior doctor teachers.  They don’t want to look dumb, you know.  They have a reputation to maintain after all.

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  • Nurses/Government:  The patient is crashing and burning, Doctor!  What do YOU want to do next!?!?  Sensing the paralyzed incapacity of the juniors, the nurses quickly sound out the call to the senior doctors.  They will know what to do after all.  These interns…shrug.
  • Senior Doctors/Politicians:  The overhead paging system alerts the senior doctors there is a VIP in the house.  Severe concern is written all over the staff’s faces.  These doctors jump into action to evaluate and manage the patient conclusively.  Time is of the essence.  The patient is close to expiring.  Cerebral processes ablaze.  They call in two specialists.  Drs. Paulson and Bernanke.
  • Drs. Paulson and Bernanke:  We have some recommendations and these need to be carefully, yet quickly considered.
  • Senior Doctors/Politicians:  Yes, this is an emergency.  But we kind of want to think about it a little more and see if we can come up with a better treatment plan.  There isn’t just one way to mange this after all.  The Seniors want to make a mark in this VIP’s treatment and successful recovery.  It could mean great fame and fortune to them in the future.

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  • Drs. Paulson and Bernanke:  We have to act quickly and decisively.  Vital signs are deteriorating.  We don’t have time on our hands.

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  • Patient/Economy: Gasp.  Hack.  Gasp.  What the heck are these idiots doing?  I am about ready to slip away and take everything down with me, and these ding dongs are mentally masturbating and thinking about their own futures.
  • Chief Doctor John McCain:  This is a crisis.  I am canceling the rest of my surgeries for the day and going down there to help.  He calls on Chief Doctor Obama to join him in thwarting and correcting a pending disaster.
  • Senior Doctors/Government:  No.  No.  We can handle it.  We don’t need you.  We are smart enough.  They secretly wish to keep the Chief away, lest he wrestle their due fame, and/or expose their inadequate capabilities.
  • Chief Doctor Obama:  Sequestered in his office, study materials strewn all over.  He has never treated a major case yet.  He needs to study.  He will let someone else do the leg work, and connivingly squirm in at the last minute to masterfully announce his treatment plan.  Once he knows what everyone else says.  Nope.  I am studying for our debate.  That’s more important.  We’re still on, chum!

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  • Chief Doctor George Bush:  Interrupted from his chief hospital duties, for the media vultures are now circling the hospital.  He runs down to the ER to grapple with the situation, and immediately calls the nurses, junior and senior doctors into action.  Drs. Paulson and Bernanke breathe a sigh of relief.  Finally.  Someone who knows what they are doing.  But he too recognizes the significance of treating this Patient/Economy.  No easy answers.
  • Chief Doctor Obama:  Chief Doctor McCain certainly must know how we chiefs are required to manage crises at the spur of the moment.  It’s called multitasking.  I will do my homework and get ready for our debate presentation.  And I will send my minions out to do what they can.  That patient’s case just can’t be that bad.
  • Chief Doctor McCain:  My surgeries can be rescheduled.  This patient requires our full attention NOW!  Full court press!  Feverishly trying to manage all the odds and ends classically associated with critical patients.  He has been there before.  He knows what to do.  He offers his insights and suggestions, and collaborates with all the professionals to help deliver the patient from the throes of death.  The patient is now stable.  Transfer to the Surgery.  Operate.  Fix.  Transfer to Critical Care.  Recovery will be protracted.  The patient/economy will live.

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  • Senior Doctors/Government:  Some are mad and jealous Chief Doctor McCain and Bush stole their thunder.  A solution for the patient nevertheless.  Oh well.  maybe next time.  Fame and fortune are sometimes elusive.
  • Chief Doctor Bush:  The prognosis: the treatment plan entails many aspects.  But the patient will survive.  And prevail.
  • Chief Doctor Obama:  Can I go back to my office so I can study some more?
  • Patient/Economy:  Fluttering in and out of consciousness.  Frying at the thought of Chief Doctor Obama standing over his bed paralyzed with inability to readily manage his crisis at the moment.  Basking in thanks to the Chief Doctors Bush and McCain and the Senior Doctors/Government, who stepped in to help on the fly, even if they all didn’t quite get what they wanted out of the case.

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  • Family member/Private sector:  Who let that Obama guy become a Chief Doctor????  He could have killed the Patient/Economy.

Moral of the story:

  • Who do you want standing over your bedside when you are swirling and deteriorating quickly, and you need help emergently?  The chief who has been around for years, is vastly experienced, and steps up to the plate before he is called?  Or the chief who got his position by claiming experience, but is completely ineffectual beyond rhetoric, and hides when the crisis rolls in on the gurney?

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  • “I’m a little stressed right now…(just turn around and leave quietly and no one gets hurt.)”
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Some tidbits to gnaw on as you ponder.

Investor’s Business Daily.  Tuesday, September 23, 2008 .  It’s Time To Act.

Like many others, we wish we had the luxury to let “the market” take care of this problem in its own way. But sadly, we’re well beyond that point. Letting the system crash and burn and the world economy melt down is a political nonstarter for any president or Congress.

The plan before Congress is clear, transparent and minimalist. It’s been drawn up by competent and highly experienced officials who have truly risen to the occasion.

The market is waiting. The time to act is now.

Uppity Woman.  Thursday September 25, 2008.  While Nero Fiddled, Rome Burned.

I predict that McCain will debate, and by the time tomorrow night rolls around, Obama will look like a petulant child who showed a disattachment from the greatest financial disaster in America since 1929—being more preoccupied with his own political advancement.

He will look like a dimwad who didn’t know what to do,  who told congress “Call me if you need me”……..and nobody needed him. Even Harry said he didn’t need him.

He even had to be summoned by the President to get him to do some work.

Barack Obama will look like the guy who fiddled while Rome burned.

How a candidate reacts during a major disaster is a sign of what kind of President he will be.

Fox News. Thursday, September 25, 2008McCain Suspends Campaign, but Politics Still Simmer at Surface.

He also dropped in a few lines to suggest that the crisis itself should be above the politics that played out before and after his surprise announcement that he would suspend his campaign.

Wall Street Journal Online.  Financial Crisis Upends Campaign.  Obama Rebuffs McCain’s Request to Postpone Debate; Voters Divided Over Bailout.  Thursday September 25, 2008.

Republican Sen. John McCain said he would suspend campaigning to help tackle a $700 billion bailout proposal and called on Democratic rival Sen. Barack Obama to postpone their debate Friday, as the roiling U.S. financial crisis took center stage in the presidential campaign.

Democrats dismissed the moves as political gimmickry, and Sen. Obama replied that the debate should go forward as planned. “Presidents are going to have to deal with more than one thing at a time…It’s not necessary for us to think we can only do one thing and suspend everything else,” Sen. Obama said.

The Daily Standard.  A Presidential McCain. Thursday September 25, 2008.

So the action of these few days becomes more important than the talk of that hour and a half Friday night. One could even say the contrast between the two men in action becomes the true debate over who should be president. The media, being talkers and debaters, love debates, overestimate their importance, and are underestimating the possible effect of McCain’s dramatic action. In the debate itself, McCain should mock the media’s greater concern for gabbing than solving our economic problems, and should associate Obama with such a talk-heavy media-type approach to politics. If the race is between an energetic executive and an indecisive talker, the energetic executive should win.

Texas Darlin.  McCain Puts Country First, Obama Says: Call me if you need me. Wednesday September 24, 2008.

Barack Obama responded by a) attempting to take credit for McCain’s idea, b) attempting to take credit for McCain’s economic proposals, c) accusing McCain of playing political tricks, d) refusing to cancel Friday’s debate, and e) essentially telling America: I’m going to keep campaigning and I’m not going to Washington to address the financial crisis. Call me if you need me!


2 responses to “Crisis In The Washington Emergency Room

  1. Sen Graham told Gretta on Fox that one of the the ridiculous components of the Democrat deal was that 20% of the total was going to ACORN to manage!

    $140,000,000,000.00 to Obama’s precinct organization!


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