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Disrespecting The Bracelet’s Meaning

“No Disrespect Zone.  Extinguish disrespect.  Remember to ask yourself before you act: ‘Are my actions helpful or harmful?’  Be complimentary.  Listen.  Be considerate.  Be polite.  Be courteous.  Be polite.  Share.  Be understanding.  Be thankful.  Approve.  Admire.”
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Oddly, Senator Barack Obama’s stumbling on the name on the bracelet of a deceased soldier, did not seem to make much of a difference to American mainstream media.  Not a lot was said after the debate.  Granted, the anxiety that may accompany being on the nation’s stage being peppered with questions and being expected to perform flawlessly, may be overwhelming.  But hey, this would be small fry anxiety compared to being in the middle of a major national or international crisis.  Mainstream media focuses on other details.  ABC News Political Punch did however notice.  Continue reading