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Obama Supporters Characterized

Best Internet News and Politics has such a great and interesting article on Senator Barack Obama’s supporters.  Who-What Are Obama Supporters?, September 29, 2008, at Best Internet News and Politics.  As always, it is good to see things through another person’s perspective, if only to solidify or change one’s own views. 

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It is not Obama and his gang of thug Socialists who confuse me. I clearly recognize the principles of socialism and Communism in all of Obama’s “silk purse” speeches. It isn’t hard acknowledging right from wrong. In my last essay “Is any thing in America Sacred to Obama?” which lists many of Obama’s criminal friends, actions, and intentions which reveal a ruthless and desperate character. There is nothing I wrote in that piece that isn’t already known to all of the Democrats currently in office and the general public. There is nothing I wrote in that article that hasn’t already been written in long, scary detail by better writers than I. All of the information that keeps coming forward about Obama is disgusting, shameful, and proof he is unworthy to be a dog catcher let alone president. It is obvious no patriotic American will vote for Obama. He should be in jail. 

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What confuses me is how many people choose to support this silver plated turd in spite of the facts that has been exposed about Obama. Why? Do they think every person who states a negative of unpopular fact about Obama is a liar like the Obama camp wants them to believe? Don’t they realize they are coconspirators in their own tyranny? Don’t they care about the criminal, unethical, and mean spirited track record he has? Is it okay for Obama to do anything he wants as long as he is black? The argument Democrats will use that McCain has done bad things doesn’t hold water. True McCain has made mistakes. But one this for certain is McCain never betrayed his country and committed treason. He also never tampered with voter registration, nor ever was a Muslim. 

“Bring Back Integrity”
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This makes me wonder how much value society has for integrity, decency, and honesty. Have people placed a higher value on race than good character? I have always believed in the ultimate goodness of the common man. For the first time in my life, I am beginning to wonder if there are that many people in America who have traded goodness for evil. I am having trouble listening to Obama supporters on msn parroting Obama stump mantras. They are touting Communist principles and may or may not realize it. They are neither stupid nor bad.(At least I don’t want to think they are) What’s going on? I tried to break it down in groups and this is what has come forward to me. 

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Obama supporters fall into the following types: 

1. The majority are hard working moral Americans whose only desire is a better America for them selves, their families and all. They simply misunderstand BO’s message. There is nothing in their mind that could lead them to recognize Obama’s messages are Communistic. If they did understand Obama’s message, they would not vote for Obama. There’s hope for this group because I believe they want a person of good character in office. They may change their minds and vote for McCain when more factual information about Obama comes forward. 

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2. There are black Americans who are decent good people who so dearly desire to see a black man as president for the first time in history, they only see Obama as good. They don’t understand Obama’s Communistic friends, background, messages, and intentions. They also don’t understand Obama will be of no benefit to them what so ever. Their loyalty is so strong, that even when confronted with facts about Obama’s crimes, they refuse to believe them. If these good people did understand, they would not only refuse to vote for Obama, they would throw him out of the circle. There are great black men and women who would make a wonderful commander and chief. It is only a matter of time American will enjoy a great black president. Obama is not the one. I believe some of these dear people may also change their mind. 

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3. There are decent people who are loyal to party regardless who leads, they do not challenge. They simply vote their party. Even these, may change their vote. They simply live an unexamined life. 

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4. Democratic politicians who lust to have a Democratic President at any price. They are clearly aware of Obama’s past crimes, his slimy friends and his Communistic/socialist principles. However they under estimate Obama and imagine they will be able to control him when he gets in office because they think they can advance their own careers riding his shirt tails. These people are coconspirators in their own tyranny. They would vote for Obama no matter what he does. They have a vested interest. God forbid, if Obama is elected, they will deserve what they get. Sadly. The people who didn’t vote for BO will also be hurt. 

“Sinister Puppeteer” Image courtesy of http://acrazycatlady.blogspot.com/2006_08_01_archive.html. 

5. The very rich powerful invisible world players who have sinister purposes to make Obama President. They will be the power behind the throne. They will enforce Obama’s power with key players in key positions who do whatever they are told. Later, they may simply dispose of Obama, since he will no longer be needed by them. They will continue to live luxurious life styles. 

“Democratic Socialists for Obama 08.  Obama Endorsing Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders.  Change We Can Believe in.  Che Guevara.  Karl Marx.”
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6. There are openly admitted Communists, Socialists, and Muslims who will vote Obama. They will never change their minds. Eventually, like the UK, America will be adopting the laws of Sharia. Women will be required to cover their faces and wear Berkas. 

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7. There are the first time and young voters, who have simply not looked beyond Obama gold plated package of Communist feces. They are too busy growing up to take the time to look. They just want to do what they think is “cool”. By the time the realize what happened it will be too late. 

“Criminal Minds.  Behavioral Anaylsis Unit.  Quantico.  FBI.”
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8. Finally, there are those who are thoroughly aware of all of Obama’s crimes, misdeeds, and intimidating methods and approve. They have even participated with Obama in these crimes. To them, the end justifies the means. The way America was will be a fairy tale.