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The second presidential debate on October 7, 2008.  Clips from around.

“Don’t lose your home to foreclosure!  We can renegotiate with your lender to rescue your mortgage.”
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McCain, in his new proposal, called on the Treasury Department to step in and basically renegotiate mortgages of homeowners who are struggling to afford them.

His campaign said the plan, which would have the government directly purchase mortgages and replace them with “manageable” fixed-rate mortgages, would cost about $300 billion. The campaign in a statement said part of the $700 billion the government approved in its financial rescue package could go toward this purpose.

“It’s my proposal. It’s not Senator Obama’s proposal. It’s not President Bush’s proposal,” McCain said at the debate.

“Is it expensive? Yes,” McCain said. “But we all know, my friends, until we stabilize home values in America, we’re never going to start turning around and creating jobs and fixing our economy, and we’ve got to get some trust and confidence back to America.”

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Best Moment (McCain):Last Statement

“I know what it’s like in dark times. I know what it’s like to have to fight to keep one’s hope going through difficult times. I know what it’s like to rely on others for support and courage and love in tough times. I know what it’s like to have your comrades reach out to you and your neighbors and your fellow citizens and pick you up and put you back in the fight.”

“That’s what America’s all about. I believe in this country. I believe in its future. I believe in its greatness. It’s been my great honor to serve it for many, many years,” he continued. “And I’m asking the American people to give me another opportunity and I’ll rest on my record, but I’ll also tell you, when times are tough, we need a steady hand at the tiller and the great honor of my life was to always put my country first.

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Comment by Freedom to Vote | 2008-10-08 01:53:29

I think Mccain did well. He stayed on the issues and answered all questions. This debate cannot change anything. What it does is show who the person really is.

Mccain showed his maturity and knowledge. Thats good enough for me and i believe for many, many americans.

BO shows that he is straight out of school and wants to show he is a straight-A student. I think many people feel that way too.

So dont be overly worried. Whats important is Mccain must continue to work on the ground. Energise the base to vote for him.

Many americans wish to know what prez they will have in the WH. A talker who has zero experience and questionable associates and judgments flaws due to his ideology and inexperience; or an experienced hand in times of hardship.


Comment by ohio | 2008-10-07 23:13:55

Sorry to burst your bubble McBush, but I work in healthcare and I process this stuff everyday. As much as everyone wants a national healthcare, it will not work and will result in less doctors, substandard healthcare for all. I know that my doctor has already said that should Obama become president, he is retiring and so are many of his partners. They said they can’t afford to practice under Barky. And they won’t give out substandard healthcare, and let the government dictate what can be covered and what can’t be like it is with Medicare. McCain is right on healthcare, not Obama.


Comment by Paul3triple | 2008-10-07 22:02:03

all the folks in the press are focusing on a death blow. For Mac to attack obama in this setting ferociously would have been a deathblow to him.
He needs to boost his support on the economy.
He also stuck obama several times. When he asked obama what the fine for his healthcare would be he admitted there would be a fine but not the amount. Mac shot back,”did he say how much the fine is?
Really it was a crappy townhall. They may as well just had a normal debate.
I think mccain set the message right though. He cleaned obama’s clock on taxes. His Mortage plan is smart. If we do not find a bottom in the housing market, the bottom will fallout everywhere else as well.
Overall i think he did good. I also think he did not need to destroy obama. He caught him with alot of good shots and made the case he is a steady guide for the coutry. His closing statement was also extremely touching.
A stark contrast from obama who always says he knows best.
Mccain admitted to relying on others help and love and courage of americans.
Mccain did a good job. Obama lied several times.


Eannndahhh McCain Trounces Obama Again

The words of Senator Obama say it all in his “eannndahhhh” a word for “and” which he says non stop as his mind in vapor lock.

eannndahh draft all American youngsters into the peace corps or military

eannnndahhhh making everyone suffer

eannnndahhh raise taxes on everyone

eannndahhh I will fine people for not insuring your children

eannndahhh I will use my dead mother again for votes

eanndahhhh Iraq is a huge success as it has a 79 billion dollar surplus

eanndahhhh let’s bomb nuclear Pakistan

eanndahhhh I will talk directly to homicidal maniacs in Iran

eanndahhhh I’m going to make America suffer change

eannnndahhh I gree with Senator McCain on Russia

eannndahhhh I agree with Senator McCain

eannndahhh Senator McCain is right

eannndahhh Senator McCain trounced Barack Obama again in a second debate.

A Town Hall About Nothing at Real Clear Politics

…sleepwalked through one of the most boring, least informative, most poorly moderated debates in recent memory. It turns out the most spirited thing that happened all night was the handshake.

Hot Air had the most interesting summary of the debate.

I need some paddles to restart my heart….that snoozefest flatlined me.

David in ATL on October 7, 2008 at 10:55 PM

You don’t shock asystole, Babe. 🙂

mikeyboss on October 7, 2008 at 11:05 PM

Pajamas Media, great point by point walk through, Drunkblogging the McCain-Obama Bout.

“Snooze.  Zzz.”
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