Political Credit Card Scam

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The Obama campaign donations continue to astound.  But what do you make about a mysterious $2300 charge on your credit card statement, when it is to Senator Barack Obama’s campaign, and you never made it?  My Fox KC reports the following.

Well that is what a North Kansas City, Missouri couple are pondering.  They said they notified Chase, their credit card bank, to report the fraud.

“They (Chase) kept on asking me ‘are you sure you wouldn’t have gone to a site in support of Obama’,” said Rachel Larman. “And I repeatedly said I’m voting for McCain – I would not be going to an Obama site’.”

Chase dropped the charge from the Larman’s card.

The bank believes the charge was made via telemarketing fraud and would continue to investigate.

Moral:  pay attention to the line item charges on your credit card every month.
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