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Eloquence Is No Substitute For A Record

“Barack ________ Obama.  Because A Great Speaking Voice Trumps Substance.”
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Redistribution Of Wealth – It’s Just Completely Wrong

“Please have your money ready.”
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Joe the Plumber: Wealth Redistribution ‘Infuriates Me”

October 16, 2008

“Empty Pockets”
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Vote The Bible

Email in circulation.

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McCain Pummels Smirking Obama

“Kick Butt Hot Drops”
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The third and final presidential debate with Senator John McCain and Senator Barack Obama concluded October 15, 2008.   Looks like McCain had some of those Kick Butt Hot Drops!  Cut to the chase and check out some of the views across America.

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Obama And Gadhafi Fund Raise For Obama’s Cousin Raila

“Raising Money”
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World Net Daily brings us some foreign campaign donation news.   Senator Barack Obama and friends are awash in cash.  So much that he and his friends donated almost $1 million to his cousin Raila Odinga in Kenya for his presidential campaign.  And to join him in this incredible donor spirit, was Saif el-Islam Gadhafi, the son of Libya’s Muammar Gadhafi.

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Elect Me And I’ll Be Robin-You From The Hood

“Socialism.  We Can Believe In.  Obama ’08.”
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A previous post Barack Robin Hood Tax Policies from August 23, 2008, so well correlates with the New York Post, Obama Fires A ‘Robin Hood’ Warning Shot from October 15, 2008.

The NY Post reports on Joe Wurzelbacher, an Ohio plumber who works 10 to 12 hour days, who plans on buying a business that will make about $250,000 per year.  He asked Obama about his tax plans that would raise his taxes, while trying to fulfill the American Dream.  Alas, Obama admits his Socialist agenda. Continue reading