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Obama Supporter Attacks McCain Supporter

“Respect.  To get it, you must give it.”
Image courtesy of http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/4600508.stm.

Senator Barack Obama’s campaign has raised the interest in the presidential election this year.  Too bad he has not openly and repeatedly condemned the rogue acts of some of his supporters, in the hopes of establishing a respectful and peaceful campaign.  Openly and repeatedly should be emphasized, because Obama has a tendency to express gentle admonishments that soon vaporize as soon as they are uttered.  Then again, perhaps Obama deserves some credit for the acts of his supporters since he himself was the one who proclaimed, “I want you to argue with them, get in their face.”

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Secret Service Taps On Lufkin Woman’s Door

“The Thought Police”
Image courtesy of http://steynian.wordpress.com/2008/06/17/steynianism-171/.

Welcome to “Anyone can complain against you, but you have no recourse when the Secret Service wants to question you a la Gestapo style!”  Seems like an Obama volunteer campaign worker was miffed sufficiently to complain against a woman she called on the phone.  Most people might understand a short response when they have just returned home from the emergency room with their child.  But not this Obama volunteer.  Somewhere along the conversation, after the woman had said Obama was a Socialist and the volunteer would do best to find better use of her time than take up hers on the telephone, the Secret Service was called with a reported complaint of a death threat against Obama.  The dialogue that follows on this radio interview is fascinating as to the extent a complaint can be taken against an innocent person expressing their views, guaranteed by the First Amendment, which another can decry and turn into a malicious act.  The woman’s interest in filing a counter-complaint was met with the news the local Obama Texas campaign office headquarters had been conveniently closed and moved to Virginia in the interim, when the woman was in the process of pursuing action.

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FBI Investigating ACORN Voter Fraud Nationally

“ACORN Vote Fraud Map”
Image courtesy of http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/2090877/posts.

FBI is now on a national ACORN investigation on voter registration fraud relating to the presidential race.  So many incidents across the county caputured their attention.  The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now has been vigorously registering voters across the country, about 1.3 million so far, mostly young, poor, minority, and working class.  This demographic tends to be Democratic.  And this has raised the concern of the Republicans.

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API Michelle Obama Phone Tape Release Pending

“This phone is tapped.”
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API based in Norway is in the process of clearing the way for release of the API and Michelle Obama tape.  Will Michelle Obama tape ‘change political atmosphere in America’? African news agency says she should ‘come clean’ on critical telephone. October 16, 2008. Continue reading

Democrats Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest


Cuckoo’s Nest II: The Housing Crisis Denial Sessions

The Nose On Your Face www.TNOYF.com

October 11, 2008

“One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”
Image courtesy http://www.daylife.com/photo/00FE05W6Chd3r.

Upon arrival at a mental institution, a brash rebel rallies the patients together to take on the oppressive Nurse Ratched, a woman more a dictator than a nurse.


Satirical Night At The Alfred E. Smith Dinner

What a sense of humor!  

 John McCain Rocks the House at the Alfred House Dinner

October 16, 2008


Get Your Joe The Plumber Logos

Joe the Plumber has resonated with America, and defined in simple terms everyone can understand, the term Socialism.  “Income redistribution.”  “Spread the wealth.” The Bitter Knitter has more of these catchy logos!  Visit here.

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