Obama Supporter Attacks McCain Supporter

“Respect.  To get it, you must give it.”
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Senator Barack Obama’s campaign has raised the interest in the presidential election this year.  Too bad he has not openly and repeatedly condemned the rogue acts of some of his supporters, in the hopes of establishing a respectful and peaceful campaign.  Openly and repeatedly should be emphasized, because Obama has a tendency to express gentle admonishments that soon vaporize as soon as they are uttered.  Then again, perhaps Obama deserves some credit for the acts of his supporters since he himself was the one who proclaimed, “I want you to argue with them, get in their face.”

We have here on September 15, 2008, on the corner of 51st Street and Lexington Avenue in New York City, the case of a woman with a McCain Palin campaign sign, whose sign was snatched by a male Obama supporter, the stick broken, and subsequently used to strike the woman in the face.  UNPROVOKED.

Gee.  We all relish our vision.  We all relish our health.  Why would a man attack a woman?  A laceration, facial fracture, or injury to the eyeball and her vision could have resulted.  But those are not the thoughts of a rationale person.  The Manhattan District Attorney’s office filed 2nd degree assault charges against the “rather benign, doughy-looking guy” Democrat.

Read the attacked woman’s experience.

“He tore up a McCain campaign sign (unprovoked) and then took the stick from the sign and HIT me across the side of my head and face when I reached for our sign. All I said to him was “You can’t do that” But, I guess he felt that he could because that’s when he grabbed another sign (that was stack in a bag) and ripped that one , too! Then he broke the stick. I repeated, “You can’t do that.” I reached for the torn sign and he started beating me with the stick about my head and face as I tried to stop the blows with my right hand.

While I put my glasses back on my face, the attacker and started down the stairs to the subway. I followed him yelling that he should be stopped. He grew calm and stopped only when he saw that I had found two police officers at the end of the stairs to the subway. I pursued him even though I was still stunned from the attack. I had been hit across the head and face with a stick by a red-in-face stranger who was screaming “You people are ridiculous” (Over and over.)”You people are ridiculous” Why? Just because we wore McCain t-shirts and carried McCain signs?

Unfortunately, this man was only arrested because I had injuries to my head and wrist from being beaten with a stick. (I was surprised my glasses weren’t broken) but the police were actually going to let him leave the scene until I was able to show them he had injured me.

This assault caught us all off-guard. It was completely unexpected and unprovoked. And then, coincidentally, a week later…as we marched politely and calmly through the Upper West side…we met more of this angry mob. I filmed our march that day and it shows we were met with constant booing and flipping-off. This has revealed an intense Democrat anger and hatred that should concern every American. Clearly, these people feel there is NO ROOM in America for an opposing OPINION.What has happened to polite discourse?

It will be very interesting to see how this assault plays out. Will the court consider it unimportant ? If this had been a Republican male assaulting a Democrat female…would it be ignored? As I said to the reporter for France 24: “… Some people are losing control, and it’s not the people on the right. Never have I seen that (behavior) with any of the people on my side of the fence…it’s just not our way. Look at us, most of us have never been protesters …. Do I feel that the Left is aggressive and potentially violent? Yes, because we’ve all seen it.” I certainly have…first-hand!

See the official paperwork here.

See the attacker covering his face here at Uppity Woman.  See the street corner by the subway with the two other McCain supporters here at Michelle Malkin, and the photos of the woman’s injuries here.

Maybe the attacker could use the following options to help calm his spirits and enable him to think about respectful tolerance of differences with his fellow human beings.

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3 responses to “Obama Supporter Attacks McCain Supporter

  1. Let’s face facts here. Neither candidate is good for the country. They were picked by delegates, so we get to choose from the 2 that were selected for us, and this year, bot conventions at a local, state and national level intentionaly were penalized so that the choice was made by even fewer delegates (superdelegates).

    This who countries political system is a scam and “We The People” are out in the cold in our own country!

    Sadly, my country does not exist anymore!

  2. The person who created this t-shirt should consider your medication recommendations above:


  3. This morning Oct,28,2008 ,two professional women carpooled and were driving through the north side of Moreno Valley ,Ca.As their car stopped at a red light a young man got out of his car and proceeded to bang the hood of their car with both hands while yelling to the two women “Obama Nation!”He was an African American man wearing a large t-shirt reading Obama Nation. This is my speculative opinion- The reason for the man’s odd behavior was an African American women was a front seat passenger of a car that the bumper read Mc’cain. The truth be known the African American women is not voting and dose not agree with either side in this presidential race.The driver was the Mc Cain supporter. Obama is basically fueling this negligence of political behavior .If God is listening help America !