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Is He Ready?

Joe Biden (VP) “on-the-job training” Comments about Obama

August 22, 2008

After Senator Joe Biden’s statement that freaked the world out, and has many questioning what exactly was revealed by the Bush administration during transition talks recently, it appears loose-lips-sink-ships admonishment applies.

“Mark my words,” Biden was quoted as saying. “It will be not six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy.

Deer in the headlights response!

“Deer staring at headlights”
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Be Careful Of What You Wish For

Bumper sticker forewarns well.  Most poignant for those unfamilar with Cuba before 1959.  And scary for those familiar with Cuba before Fidel Castro brought change.  You should really think twice if “Change” is on your wish list.

“Cuba Got ‘CHANGE’ in 1959.  Be careful what you wish for.”
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Michelle O’Lantern


“Michelle Jack O’Lantern”
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Happy Halloween!


Murtha Calls Them Rednecks

“Warning.  Protected By A redneck.”
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Last week they were “racist.”  Now they are “really redneck.” Gee.  This is how you talk about your own constituents that put you into office?

U.S. Representative John Murtha treading the murky waters of race and redneck-ism.  Why?  Seems like he wants to lubricate some voters on the idea of voting for Senator Barack Obama.

“What I said, that indicted everybody, that’s not what I meant at all. What I mean is there’s still folks that have a problem voting for someone because they are black,” Murtha said.

Murtha said the history of southwestern Pennsylvania is rife with racism.

“This whole area, years ago, was really redneck,” Murtha told Channel 4 Action News.

Murtha believes there is one segment of the population which is holding on to its racist beliefs and he said it’s difficult for them to change. Murtha said it may be even more difficult for them to vote for Sen. Barack Obama for president.

“Particularly older people. They want change but they don’t want to see things go too far,” Murtha said.

“I’m saying to them, ‘Let’s not vote on whether he’s black or white. Let’s vote on what the issues are,'” said Murtha

After all of that, why not just ask people to vote on the issues???

“D’oh!  Homer Simpson of ‘The Simpsons.'”
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Joe The Plumber Lives In All Americans

Joe The Plumber, Phil The Bricklayer, Rose The Teacher, Ed The Dairyman,   And the list goes on.  Tito The Builder has been invoked now by Governor Sarah Palin in her Grand Junction, Colorado speech.  And so too, Tito The Builder that sparred mainstream media’s treatment of “Joe The Plumber” Wurzelbacher from Ohio.

John McCain and an Army of Joes. The real anger at McCain’s rallies from NRO has propelled forward the metaphoric average Joe.  Amazing how the average person in America can relate to Joe The Plumber.  Now there is a sea of others who are standing tall and proud for their right to struggle freely towards the American dream.

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Red State Update On Colin Powell

Jackie Broyles and Dunlap coming to you with the Red State Update “Colin Powell Endorses Obama.”  Jackie and Dunlap on Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama on this weekend’s Meet The Press.

October 16, 2008

Illinois State Rifle Association Executive Director Richard Pearson Issues Open Letter to Nation’s Sportsmen Regarding Obama’s History in the Illinois Senate

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Cornell Law reviews the United States Constitution.  Bill of Rights.  Second Amendment.  The following demonstrates Senator Barack Obama’s stance on guns since he was an Illinois state senator. Continue reading