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Psst I Really Love NAFTA But I Will Say Whatever It Takes To Get Elected

“Psst I Really Love NAFTA But I Will Say Whatever It Takes To Get Elected”
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Another Barack Obama flip flop.

World Net Daily.  February 26, 2008.

BEFORE – October [2007], however, Obama announced he would vote for a Peruvian trade agreement that would expand NAFTA into that country.  …he was the first presidential candidate to declare support for the NAFTA expansion. He was also the keynote speaker at a luncheon of the Hamilton Project – a Wall Street group working to drive a wedge between Democrats and organized labor on globalization issues.

AFTER – “What the world should interpret is my consistent position, which is I believe in trade,” he said after meeting with workers at a manufacturing plant in Ohio. “I just want to make sure that the rules of the road apply to everybody and they are fair and that they reflect the interests of workers and not just corporate profits.”

Some “CONSISTENT OPINION.”  Obama either cannot remember what his consistent opinion is, believes America will not remember, or continues along his merry way of flip flopping for the sake of politcal convenience.  Words.  Just words.