It Really Happened

It really happened in this world.  Can’t make this stuff up.

Police: 90-year-old living with 3 siblings’ bodies.  AP/Tampa Bay Online.  With all due respect, time to let go. 

Cash found in Ohio house’s walls becomes nightmare.  AP/Tampa Bay Online.  Residual from $182,000 stash of depression era cash, found behind a wall, finally gets split up between contractor finder and home owner.  After legal fight.

Bobby Jailed For Bonking On Duty.  Sky News UK.  Brit cop meets women on job, sees them on late night duty, gets caught, goes to jail.     

Parking meters to vanish from downtown streets.  Victoria News.  British Columbia.  Could be the way of things to come in cities in the USA.

Park, walk, pay, then walk away. Just remember your spot number.

That will be the new routine as Victoria replaces its 1,900 downtown parking meters with new central pay stations starting early next year.

The old meter poles will stay, but will be topped with numbers. Drivers will park, take note of their stall number and then punch it in and pay at a solar-powered, bright blue computerized kiosk. They’ll have a choice of paying by cash, credit card or the existing pre-paid parking smart card.

1-vote victory: race in southern Mississippi county settled by a single vote .  AP/Yahoo.  See.  Your vote really does count.

Girls just want to have guns.  Globe and Mail.  Toronto.  “”Sex and the City meets cammo.”  If Sarah Palin can go hunting, so can the girls in Canada.

Alleged mobster loses weight and liberty in Italy.  AP/Yahoo.  Just goes to show, it does not pay if you are a drug trafficker with an arrest warrant.  The authorities will find you, even in a private clinic.  And then you will be looking awful pretty for jail after that liposuction.

Indonesia executes 3 Bali bombers by firing squad.  UK MSN.  That’s what happens to unremorseful militant bombers that kill 202 people in a Bali nightclub.

Spinsters react to bylaw.  IAfrica.  Crochet needle threatening women unhappy about new bylaw specifying pet limits, primarily cats.  Satire!

OBAMA ’08: Kenya joins US; Idaho, Arizona leave.  Hayibo.  South Africa.  Kenya sure is interested in America these days.  Satire!

Sick Bets On Barack Assassination.  Sky News UK.  British bookie says no can take.  Thank goodness.

Nude blonde visits petrol station creating public disturbance (PHOTOS).  Fun Reports.  No one else seemed to care except the photographer who caught the photos.

Boost office productivity by turning off e-mail alert.  The Earth Times.  Intuitive.

Australian pilot keeps job despite McDonald’s theft in Hong Kong.  The Earth Times.  Do not drink and go to McDonald’s.  May be hazardous to your career.   

Cyrus failed at undercover outing.  Yahoo UK.  Wigs have often been successfully used to go undercover.  Poor Miley Cyrus got a lesson in wig burning from a straightening iron in the process.

Unlikely best pals.  Ananova.  (Photos) Take your pet to work and maybe the dog can become friends with a monkey.

Woman has twins from cancer survivor’s 13-year-old sperm.  Reuters.  Double congratulations!

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