Rahm Emanuel Laughs At Civil Defense Plans

Rahm Emanuel Laughs Over Concern Of Obama’s Civil Defense Plans at Flopping Aces, brings us a conversation with Barack Obama’s new Chief of Staff, Emanuel Rahm and Ben Smith of the New York Daily News.  Listen to Rahm discuss the compulsory Civil Defense Plan, that Barack Obama and the Democrats have in mind for today’s young people.  Compulsory, as in mandatory, obligatory, forced, required.  Video.  Emanuel.  Obama.

Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s Chief of Staff on MANDATORY CIVIL SERVICE PLAN

November 11, 2008

Universal service plan… between ages 18 to 25… you will complete three (3) months of training… you can do it some point in your college time… All Americans… experience civil defense training… which will give people a sense of what it means to be an American… we propose it could be three (3) months… if someone proposes four (4), I’m not going to sit here and hold up…

It’s a lot more than the U.S. government asks of anyone right now.

Guess what.  We have a lotmore challenges.  we’re gonna need A LOT to do it. 

I don’t mean to get hung up on the aesthetics of it, but like uniforms… is it like Europe… people go absent?

If you’re worried about are you going to have to do 50 jumping jacks the answer is yes…

Are you kind of shifting the use of the “country-esque” army bases in the summers?

{Rahm laughing at reporter’s questions}

I wonder how it’s going to work this is people’s experiences

 You could do it through your state National Guard…

I’m a llittle hung up on the barracks.  is there a a reason for it?  Do you want to talk about it?

Rather than figure out you take a train ride or or a barrack, THINK OF IT THIS WAY, it will be a common experience.  You will be prepared.  God forbid there will be a… chemical hit, …terrorist act, or a natural disaster, which are becoming more frequent.  There will be a body of citizens who are ready, and capable, and trained.  That’s all you have to think about it. We’re all here for you.  It’s a CIRCLE of love.

Baack Obama on the civilian force and the U.S. military.

We gotta have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.

Well isn’t that special!  Doesn’t seem like Rahm or Obama will actually be down in the foxholes with the grunts.  The nice cushy protection of their offices and homes, where they can twiddle their thumbs with glee, as they watch their creation of a corp of thousands march to the beat of their drummer. 


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