Get Your Piece Of The Pie

And yet again, Deadenders send us laughing with his sense of humor.   Weezie’s Movin On Up, Gettin Your Piece Of The Pie.  If that title doesn’t ring a bell, it will when you see the rest of this post.

“Lemon Meringue Pie”
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Back from his trip to Berlin where he bombed…here’s ole scramble brains.

Get your piece of the pie.

Hitler Sings “The Jeffersons” Theme

May 9, 2008.

Intro the jeffersons

April 6, 2007.

This is beautiful.

“Mad Magazine.  Alfred E. Obama ’08.  Yes We Can’t.”
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Considering the pie aspect to this story, let’s take a step back in time to visit Protein Wisdom’s Darlene Click and No pie for you!

“Michelle Obama.  The Pie Nazi.  ‘No Pie For You!'”

Michelle Obama again deigns to speak for “most Americans”

Most Americans, [Michelle] said, don’t want much.

“They don’t want the whole pie,” she told the women. “There are some who do, but most Americans feel blessed just being able to thrive a little bit. But that is becoming even more out of reach.” […]

“If we don’t wake up as a nation with a new kind of leadership…for how we want this country to work, then we won’t get universal health care,” she said.

“The truth is, in order to get things like universal health care and a revamped education system, then someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more.”

But what would I know? I’m just a typical white person.


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  1. I hadn’t seen the pie-nazi yet, that’s good.