The White House ATM

Hank Paulson, naked emperor at Michelle Malkin discusses what many have been very concerned about for some time now.  The state of the economy, taxes, and who has the wherewithal to control this disaster that continues on a downward spiral.  Everyone is jumping in on the action and asking for a handout!  Is anyone minding the pursestrings?

Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson finally confirmed what lonely bailout opponents tried to tell the American public all along: The man doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing.

Paulson held a bazooka to taxpayers’ heads. He groveled on his knees in front of Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He lured leaders from both political parties into linking arms in a panicked Chicken Little line dance for the beleaguered mortgage industry. Paulson demanded an unprecedented $700 billion troubled assets relief program for the good of the country. For the health of the housing market. For the survival of the economy. No time for deliberation. No time to review the failures of such interventionist approaches around the world. Now, now, now!

And now? The pulled-out-of-the-posterior “$700 billion” price tag has ballooned into the trillions. The “mortgage industry rescue” has expanded to banks, insurance companies, automakers, credit card companies, and possibly the entire national volume of consumer lending. Oh, and that vaunted “TARP” component, Paulson admitted this week, is nothing but a four-letter-word that rhymes with TRAP.


“24 Hour ATM Drive Thu at the White House”
Image courtesy of Michael Ramirez via, November 14, 2008.

Michael Ramirez’s editorial cartoon portends the impression given of the pending White House constituency well.

But only with the finesse that Malkin can serve,

Emperor Paulson’s bipartisan courtiers in Congress berated anyone who dared challenge his wisdom. Minority Leader John Boehner sniffed: “This is no time for ideological purity.” Well, ideological pollution begat this mess. It’s time for a fiscal conservative counterinsurgency to disrobe and disarm the charlatans before they do more harm.


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