Daily Archives: November 16, 2008

Huge Threat From Al-Qaeda Looming

Al-Qaeda continues to be “the single greatest threat to the United States.” according to General Michael Hayden, director of the CIA, in a story echoing much what has been discussed in the past, per USA Today and CQ Politics Spy Talk.   

The transition between presidencies is what some officials believe may be an opportunity for al-Qaeda to strike, according to the UK Online.  On the U.S. side, Hayden noted the following.

…there were dangers during a presidential transition when new officials were coming in and getting accustomed to the challenges. But he added that no “real or artificial spike” in intercepted transmissions from terror suspects had been detected.

On the British side, there is a little more direct information. 

Lord West of Spithead, the Home Office Security Minister, spoke recently of a “huge threat”, saying: “There is another great plot building up again and we are monitoring this.”

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