Ayers Denies Then Acknowledges Sirhan Sirhan Prairie Fire Book Dedication

Bill Ayers on the dedication of the Weather Underground’s Prairie Fire book to Sirhan Sirhan, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s assassin.  Barack Obama’s friend sure does offer agreement then immediate denial.

Captured at a recent book signing when asked if he regretted the dedication of the book to Sirhan Sirhan, Ayers responded

“Absolutely.  But that wasn’t a dedication.”

Ayers goes on to say about the 1974 Weather Underground manifesto

It was a dedication to all prisoners…  And if I were writing a book like that today, I would dedicate it to 2.4 million people in prison, prisoners.  I think it was a stupid thing to single him [Sirhan Sirhan] out, but I also think that we have created a monster of the prison system, and we ought to abolish the prison system.

Gee.  Where would all those prisoners go?  Hyde Park next door to Ayers may be a novel idea.  Certainly Barack Obama would not mind, since Ayers “is just a guy in my neighborhood.”  The recent admission by Ayers that actually reveals Obama was really a “family friend,” might make it a little easier for Obama to be agreeable to some new neighbors, courtesy of Ayers’ opinions.

See Ayer’s contradictory statements in a video here at Dakota Voice and Eyeblast TV.

Hmmm.  So what was Sirhan Sirhan’s name doing in that book anyway?  See it for yourself. From Zombie Time.

The following snippet is taken from the book’s dedication page, and shows that the Communist Weather Underground dedicated the book to Robert F. Kennedy’s killer Sirhan Sirhan, among many other now-obscure ’60s-era radicals, criminals and revolutionaries.

“Dedicated to Sirhan Sirhan (among others)”

As an aside: Note how, on the copyright page, the authors state that the public is “free to utilize the material” in the book “for political debate and study.” That is exactly how it is being used in this essay, though I think it’s not quite the kind of debate that William Ayers originally had in mind! Also note that my reproduction of their material, as per their instructions, is true and accurate, and that I am not “profiteering” from it because this site has no ads and does not generate any income whatsoever.

Click here for a larger image of the copyright and dedication pages (located about half way down the post).

And this is what the book looks like in the event you ever come across it.  Snatch it up.  A true collector’s item of the evidence.

“Prairie Fire.  The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism.  Political Statement of the Weather Underground.”
Image courtesy of http://www.zombietime.com/prairie_fire/.

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  1. Ayers is a troll.