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Unaired SNL Hyper Bleeped SNL Sketch Of Rahm Emanuel

This unaired sketch from Saturday Night Live of Rahm Emanuel, freshly delivers great satire on how Emanuel plans to be a force to be reckoned with as White House Chief of Staff for Barack Obama.  If history is any indication, than the sketch stands as a crystal ball prediction.  Newsweek notes the following.

Rahm Emanuel has been described as a street fighter with a killer instinct—as explosive, profane, wired and ruthless—sometimes as a compliment, sometimes not. But no one has ever cast him in the role of elder statesman, at least up until now. Emanuel, a 48-year-old congressman who grew up, somewhat weirdly, to study ballet and practice Chicago politics, has generally adapted to his situation in a combative, not diplomatic, manner. As an indifferent high-school student, he badly cut his finger on the beef-slicing machine at Arby’s. That night, after his high-school prom, he jumped into Lake Michigan. The tip of his finger became infected and he nearly died. Ever since, Emanuel has relished raising his hacked-off middle figure at his foes. In conversation with almost anyone about anything, Emanuel uses the F word like a sergeant in a World War II motor pool.

Unaired SNL Sketch Depicts Much-Bleeped Message From Rahm Emanuel video from SNL at Breitbart.

The unaired sketch just sounds like Emanuel as described.