Redheads Hunted At School For Kick A Ginger Day In Canada

The Vancouver Sun reports, ‘Kick a ginger’ day left redheads with legs covered in bruises.  Imagine being a red haired beauty, and being sought out by your school mates, as the object of a kick.  Now imagine that happening over 80 times in one day!

This all started out with a reference in an episode from the South Park cartoon, that encouraged kicking a redhead on November 20th.

And like the Pied Piper leading the blind and willing, so went the followers with preparations in mind to have their foot meet a redhead recipient.  A school principal noted the following.

“They came to school with the idea it would be a fun thing to do, more as a prank than anything else. They started looking for redheaded students and kicking them in the shins, then other students thought it looked like fun and it grew rather rapidly,” he said.

Some of the recipients had the following comments.

“I was amazed by the lack of compassion in the people that I knew and the fact they would think that this is a fun thing to do,” he said. “I just never thought that people were capable of that before.”

“[I] was just walking down the halls and then a bunch of random people started kicking me and I had no idea why they were kicking me,” Marshall said.

“I started running away and then suddenly one of them said something like ‘Oh, I’m going to kick you. You have no soul, so you probably can’t feel pain either.'”

Soreness, bruising, and welts resulted.  Some of those affected stayed home.  The schools are considering suspension of those responsible.  The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are also investigating this as a possible hate crime.