Daily Archives: December 1, 2008

Blueberries Can Reverse Memory Loss And Lead To Memory Improvement

Talk about a scientific discovery that  has the potential to boost sales!  The BBC reports on a study in the Free Radical Biology and Medicine journal, that shows blueberries can actually reverse memory loss AND lead to memory improvement.   

Scientists at the University of Reading have found the responsible active component in blueberries are flavonoids, also found in other foods, which act as antioxidants.  Wikipedia notes, “Antioxidants can cancel out the cell-damaging effects of free radicals,” that can lead to disease.  Aside from reversing memory loss,  the BBC says,

But the study indicates they also activate the part of the brain which controls learning and memory.

“Our research provides scientific evidence to show that blueberries are good for you and supports the idea that a diet-based approach could potentially be used to increase memory capacity.

“We will be taking these findings to the next level by investigating the effects of diets rich in flavonoids on individuals suffering from cognitive impairment and possibly Alzheimer’s disease.”

In the interim, start increasing those blueberries in your diet.  It may just help further sharpen the intellect.