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Are you Sure You Really Want To Vacation Here?

“Vinyl exam glove”
Image courtesy of http://glovesupplies.com/.

Dubai: Strip Searching the Fun From Vacations.  DBKP.  Be sure to shower and shave for your personalized strip search at the airport, upon arrival to this magnificant desert destination.  Includes gloves.  And after your violating encounter, they will be happy to take your cash or credit cards, as you relax in their man-made islands with little if any alcohol to imbibe.  That is, unless they find drugs or something else on you they do not approve.

Because these searches are not only time consuming, and initiated without cause except for the non-Islamic status of the victim, but they are bizarrely intrusive and humiliating.. Almost as if that were the intention. Hmmmmm. Recollection about one male quest, all invited by the way to publicize the opening of a hotel:

They made him strip bare and poked him about with plastic gloves.

‘He had to hold his private parts out of the way while an officer did a thorough inspection. After nearly two hours of being interrogated and molested he was told to put his clothes back on and go on his way. 

What a way to kick off a vacation, eh?

Makes The National Lampoon’s Vacation with Chevy Chase an enjoyable excursion.

National Lampoon’s Vacation Video

June 7, 2008