Humans And Birds Can Drop More Than Just Droppings

Somehow, we seem to equate bird droppings as the only things a bird can release mid air.  This image and text satirizes these creatures.  They can be susceptible to shortcomings as well.   

humorous pictures“Two birds flying.  ‘Frank, I dropped the baby!!!!”
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On the other hand we have here an actual ritual of baby dropping, not satire.  Per Reuters.

The faithful have been observing the ritual at a shrine in Solapur, in western India’s Maharastra, for more than five hundred years.

They believe it will make their children strong and say no accidents have ever happened.

Indian Baby Dropping Ritual

May 1, 2008

A ritual practiced in India where babies are dropped from the roof of a building. Warning may be shocking for some.

Hindus magicians are masters of deception. Levitation, nail beds, sword swallowing, kissing cobras’ heads, skin piercing, and many other tricks. Some of their deceptions include calculate risks. Those who practice this ritual know that babies INSTINCTIVELY would contract their bodies when free falling. Their bodies will tense; their head and limbs will stay as close as possible to their bodies. Once falling stops arms and legs will extend as if reaching for a branch or hand. Some babies may cry not from the fall but because of their handling by strangers. Still there’s a real risk of injury.

Somehow this does not seem like it will become a ritual in the United States anytime soon. 

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