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John Lennon Death Anniversary

December 8, 1980.  The day John Lennon was shot and killed in front of The Dakota building in New York.

Angelfire has the details of the events of December 8, 1980. Mr. Lennon?

Back at the studio, John and Yoko were getting ready to go and get something to eat before they came home. For some reason they deceided not to. So they got into the limo and went home just like every other day. As they stepped from the car, Yoko had gotten out first and walked past the killer. He just knodded to her, knowing that in seconds, he was going to make her a widow. Then John stepped from the car carrying his tape recorder from the evening’s music session. As he walked past, Mark said that he recongnized him. John started walking faster.

“Mr. Lennon?”…………… all hell broke loose. Five hollow point bullets sprayed across the entrance, four of them in direct contact with John Lennon and one of them going astray into the glass that was in front of him. John Lennon was bleeding to death.

John managed to stumble up the few steps into the main office and said “I’m shot”. And fell flat onto the ground. Yoko was screaming for someone to call for help, her husband was dying.

John was shot so bad that there was blood all over the place. It was coming out of his mouth, hid eyes were un focused as he lay there on the floor. The security officer makes the call. The police are on their way but have no idea who the man is. John is pouring blood out of his mouth, and his wounds.

John Lennon was dead at the age of 40 at 10:55pm on Monday December 8, 1980.

SHOT HAVE BEEN FIRED……WEST 72nd STREET…… As the police rush to 1 West 72nd Street the are totally unaware of who the victim is. As they rush up to the Dakota, they find the gunman. And the dying victim in the main office. As one police officer rushed into the building to take care of the victim, the other was dealing with the suspect.

They knew that the man who was shot did not have long to make it. They threw John into the back of their police car and took off towards Roosevelt Hospital. As they rushed down , they asked the victim, “Do you know who you are?” John was barely able to speak. He just knoded and said “yeah”. By this time his body was completely limp. No movement at all.

John was rushed into the emergency room where they opened him up and attepted heart massage. Nothing is working. They are fevershly trying to save this mans life. They did not even know who he was until they had gone threw his belongings and noticed a considerable amount of cash and found his identification card. After repeated attempts to save his life. John Lennon was pronounced dead at 10:45pm. The official cause of death was shock produced by massive haemorrhaging.


January 20, 2006

GOO-GOO-G’JOOB at Free Republic.

Simply put, John Lennon either wrote or co-wrote some of the most memorable music in the history of human civilization. His sense of melody, timing and his ability to create an unforgettable “hook” has rarely been duplicated – save for his partner of many years, Sir Paul McCartney. During the early Beatle years, so many of the songs that are now considered pop music standards and classics came from John Lennon.