Daily Archives: December 11, 2008

Jesus Blamed For Blocking Intersection

A statue of Jesus on a street corner in Oakland Park, Florida, is apparently creating a stir.  Never mind that it has been standing on the Catholic church property for 14 years.  The reason?

That is unclear.  All has been quiet until now, when the city claims the statue may obscure a driver’s sightline of the intersection. 

The church pastor is a little suspicious of the timing, given recent city attempts to close the soup kitchen he runs at the church.  Neighbors have been frustrated, especially the one next door, who has noted graffitti on that building for the last 30 years. 

Church zoning permits the soup kitchen.  The concrete Jesus, will be moved to avoid a fine, however. 

See the video here.

“It is church property. Religion, hopefully, by its definition, is something that helps other people.”