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Boy Miraculously Survives Arrow Shot Through Eye

Archery class sure has it’s learning hazards.  Students were practicing on their own when the accident occurred.   A fellow archery student’s arrow accidentally went through Liu Cheong’s eye socket, clear to the back of his skull.

Doctors at Jida Hospital in Changchun, eastern China, had some delicate work on their hands, after CT scans confirmed the location and path of the arrow.   Part of the arrow had to be trimmed away in order for the boy to fit in the CT scan machine.

Surgeons proceeded to remove the arrow over 4 hours, carefully noting the trajectory missed his brain, optic nerves, and other vital structures.   He is recovering okay now.

It is a miracle he survived according to medics at the scene.  His sharp shooter classmate meanwhile, is in a state of shock, and is being appropriately treated.  Although, not for an arrow through her eye.  This according to Boy survives arrow shot through the eye at the UK Telegraph.

This really hurts to look at it, even for a millisecond!

Images below.

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