Rezko Chirping To The Feds

Case Confirms Rezko Is Talking With Prosecutors at Washington Post.  Antoin “Tony” Rezko, is indeed talking to the Feds in hopes of garnering a lighter sentence.  So noted in a footnote in the 76 page criminal complaint and affidavit, against Governor Rod Blagoyevich. 

Rezko, a 53-year-old developer, was convicted in June of 16 criminal counts, including fraud, money laundering and abetting bribery. He is in custody awaiting sentencing.

Prosecutors depicted Rezko at trial as a fixer for Blagojevich and the man to see to secure a high-level appointment with the governor’s administration. Rezko had been a longtime fundraiser for Blagojevich and other Illinois politicians, including Obama.

The information from Rezko continues to be investigated and spliced together, to form solid evidence that can be used as criminal evidence.  Against?

Time will tell.  So says  Hot Air.

Obviously, this is an ongoing investigation, and Fitzgerald will go where the evidence leads.  Thus far, it has led to Blagojevich, although it seems unlikely that Rezko has any connection to the Illinois governor’s attempts to sell Obama’s Senate seat; that had to come from another source.  Rezko will have plenty of information on other potential instances of corruption involving Illinois politics, and everyone with whom Rezko worked could be implicated.

Obama and Rezko worked together for more than ten years in Illinois politics.  If Rezko was as dirty as a jury verdict states and as federal prosecutors believe, how likely is it that anyone employing him was squeaky clean?  Their political association lasted over ten years, during the period when Rezko was corrupting state politics.  It’s certainly possible that Rezko’s corruption didn’t involve Obama, but to assume it didn’t seems far too credulous by half, especially with the present example of Illinois politics before us now.


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