Daily Archives: December 13, 2008

New Age Christmas Carols

There are some time honored traditions for Christians that probably should remain so.  Christmas brings out the season spirit.  Along with the songs so well familiar, that the lyrics are embedded in the brain’s hard drive.  No need for lyrics sheets for the most part.

But wait.

The politically correct British clergy seem to be having a problem with the traditional songs, and are bent on making them more “modern and inclusive”.

Critics find censored carols are out of tune at Australia’s Age.com.

…Church of England vicar banned his congregation from singing O Little Town of Bethlehem because he believes the words do not reflect the suffering endured by modern residents of Jesus’ birthplace.

Another clergyman has rewritten The Twelve Days of Christmas to include AIDS victims and drug addicts.

Among the “theologically modified, politically corrected” carols encountered by visitors to the website are Hark the Herald Angels Sing in which the line “Glory to the newborn King” has been replaced by “Glory to the Christ child, bring”.

The well-known refrain of O Come All Ye Faithful — “O come let us adore Him” — has also been changed in one church to “O come in adoration”, both changes apparently made for fear that the original was sexist. “(One reader) wrote in asking if the original line was considered too gender-specific,” Mr Goddard said. “But as he rightly pointed out, Jesus wasn’t hermaphrodite, neither was he a girl.”

Churchgoers at one carol service will not be allowed to sing the words “all in white” during Once in Royal David’s City in case they appear racist, while another cleric has removed the word “virgin” from God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.

Confusion thus bubbles over at the church services, where those singing from memory continue traditionally, whereas those singing from lyric sheets, clash in song puzzled.

Perhaps they might leave well enough alone.  Thank you.