Iraqi Reporter Throws Two Shoes At Bush

In a bizarre incident in one of Saddam Hussein’s old palaces in Baghdad, a news conference with President George Bush and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki was in progress.  This after a final presidential visit from Bush.  In the midst of the conference, an Iraqi reporter with the Iraqi anti-American Iraqi TV news agency based in Cairo called al-Baghdadiya, threw one and then a second shoe at Bush.  Bush ducked twice, narrowly missing being struck.  He waved off Secret Service escort from the room, as security tackled the man, and dragged him away.  White House Press Secretary Dana Perino may have a black eye as a result of being struck with a microphone though.

Bush calmy continued the conference.  Per Fox.

“All I can report,” Bush joked of the incident, “is a size 10.”

Iraqi Reporter Throws Shoes At Bush

December 14, 2008

Iraqi Reporter Throws Shoes At Bush During Press Conference (Video) …Update: Cairo TV Channel Wants Their Reporter Released at Gateway Pundit has great combo info and images from AP, Reuters, and Iraqi blogger Nibras Kazimi, plus more. 

Per Politico.

“This is a gift from the Iraqis. This is the farewell kiss, you dog,” the journalist shouted (in Arabic).  

…the man threw the second shoe and added: “This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq.”

Per Fox.

In Iraqi culture, throwing shoes at someone is a sign of contempt; Iraqis whacked a statue of Saddam Hussein with their shoes after U.S. Marines toppled it to the ground in 2003.

Al-Baghdadiya television later released a statement, demanding the immediate release of reporter Muntadar al-Zeidi, who was detained following the incident.  The television network said al-Zeidi threw the shoes at Bush “in accordance with the new era of freedom of speech and democracy that the U.S has promised the Iraqi people.”

Michelle Malkin has an interesting point about a fellow journalist being the initial sacker on the journalist before the Secret Service and security joined.  What would have happened had there been a gun instead of shoes?

Freedom of speech?  How tongue in cheek. 

Newsflash to Iraqi disrespectful shoe-hurling reporter.  Freedom of speech is just that; speech.  Keep your sandy shoes to yourself.   You might poison the unfortunate folks in the trajectory line, those that have to go pick them up afterwards for you, or those that have to beat you down with your newly exposed vile socked or unsocked feet, with the waft of emanating toxic fumes from them.  A giant lesson in manners and courtesy might be of immense benefit too.  There is such a thing as respectful disagreement.