Daily Archives: December 16, 2008

Rahm Emanuel MIA These Days

Have you been wondering Where’s Rahmbo

Well so have others.  A clever artist has come up with a milk carton alert that asks the same question and informatively gives a tel number at which to call if a spotting does occur.  Write it down and then click this number.  1-800-O-change.  Over at the Gateway Pundit. 

Rahm’s low profile after revelations were made about his contact and discussions with Rod Blagojevich, about who would fill Barack Obama’s Senate seat, have fueled water cooler discussion.  Blagojevich has already been caught on federal wire tapped conversations discussing how the seat could be filled by someone interested, if his decision-making process was lubricated to the tune of his own personal gain.

One would logically ask, what Rahm was doing discussing Obama’s replacement, given Blagojevich’s actions, when Rahm was currying enough political favor with Obama to be named his Chief of Staff in the White House. 

Birds of the same feather, flock together.