Daily Archives: December 18, 2008

Peter Falk’s Alzheimer’s Disease

Peter Falk’s daughter  has filed papers in a Los Angeles court stating that her father suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, and is incapable of making decisions now.  Reuters/Yahoo.

In papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday last week, Catherine Falk said her 81-year-old father can be “deceived into transferring away property” and that the actor should be under her conservatorship to protect his health and assets.


…he is no longer able to recognise people.

…[he] lives in Beverly Hills with his wife and requires constant care.

The star of the TV hit show Columbo in the 1970’s, Falk played an absent minded detective, with his perennial wrinkled rain coat, who could solve even the toughest of crimes.  He won four Emmy’s for the role.  He also was nominated for two Oscar nominations for best supporting actor in the 1960’s, for Pocketful of Miracles and Murder, Inc.

We shall see in another month or so, how the court will rule on his daughter’s request.  Meanwhile, may his family continue to lovingly care for an actor who ingratiated himself so well unto America.


Image courtesy of http://www.biography.com/listings/episode_details.do?episodeid=155185&airingid=212539.