Time To Measure Up Fellas

Have you ever wondered just how much you measure up?

Well now you and yours can finally know that amazing truth!

And live, in action, no less.

Images below of this phenomenal, yet simple to use condom.

So says One to Grow On … at TMZ.  And Curiosite’s Condometric.

Condometric has a most useful condom to forever settle all claims.  No flimsy tape measures.  No rigid rulers usually in the deep recesses of the desk drawer, and never in the nightstand drawer.  Just whip out the Condometric and continue to enjoy that private moment with utter glee and delight, at finally learning that astounding magical number.

Why those babies come in assorted flavors of Papito Banana, Cherry Rider, Katana Lima, and Natural Power, to keep the most enthused happy and filled with pleasure when the grand sizing moment arrives.  Comes in simple to use centimeter or inch measuring increments.  Lubricated.  Reservoir tip.  Non-allergenic natural latex.

So get yours now.  Click here.

Condometric helps us flaunt what we’ve got. It’s about believing we can handle whatever we wish to take on, regardless of size.

So how do you measure up, BIG BOY?

Hat tip, McNorman.


4 responses to “Time To Measure Up Fellas

  1. Do they come in gherkin flavor? Not for me of course….

  2. OMG ROFL. One of the main reasons our ancester women couldn’t read maps is because their men had them convinced the four inches was six.

  3. Gherkin flavor. Hmmm. Time to write the company and request they add a flavor. Or flavors. It could become a very tongue-tickling-teasing buffet.

    Notice how the 15 cm is about 6 inches. But what about for those >15 cm? Can there be <1 cm?

    Finally all can rest assured they will know what 15cm/6″ really is, not what their partner convinces them it is.

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