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Graduate Class For Career Teachers

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There is nothing like continuing education for careerists anywhere.  Why, you get to improve your methods and work-related skills in unimaginable ways.  Employers everywhere place high value on exceptionally well rounded career employees.  Educators are especially sensitive to having the best and brightest with continually honed and refined skills.

The Ivory Tower College of East Phoenix has this special offering for Teachers.  Inquire at this prestigious and realist school about similar course offerings in different areas of expertise, if this paws at your careerist yearnings.

College of East Phoenix

MED-ED 1604 Methods of Understanding “The Career Teacher” Regret

Credit(s): 2

Cost: $595.00

Materials: None (You will receive a free “College of East Phoenix” Ball point pen.)

Course Description:

Structured personal conciliation excuses for teachers who regret their life career choice. Investigate and understand new acquisition theories of keeping your mental health until the time you receive your state retirement. Dialog with teachers in your community concerning different medications that can help shield the educatorʼs sanity from sociopathic kids and self righteous psychotic administrators. Understand the Cultural and ethnic dimensions of classroom violence and the “Near death experience”. Analyze pluralistic pedagogical foundations, child’s play, and homicidal tendencies of about 30% of students. Re-analyze, over and over several discipline models and see how none of them work. Develop communication techniques with your local police, the city judge, the students mother, and all of her boy friends. Compare and contrast, compare and contrast, compare and contrast etc. And of course there will be assessment.

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