Daily Archives: December 22, 2008

Poor Will Savor Confiscated Caviar On The Side At Christmas

Beluga caviar, some of the most exotic caviar in the world, was found in a Milan woman’s house by police.  The Russian woman and two accomplices had to give up the stash and go to jail.  The Beluga sturgeon is on an endangered species list in Italy.

But would officials let that precious delicacy and also commodity, go to waste as they have in the past?

Nope.  Someone remembered it could be put to better use.  Houston Chronicle/AP.

Instead, this year’s haul is being donated to the Red Cross, Franciscan monks, homes that care for the elderly, and other organizations that will prepare holiday lunches for the homeless and poor in the Milan area, he said.

The helpings promise to be generous.

The Rev. Massimo Mapelli, who helps run a shelter for the homeless and recovering addicts, said his center will get 22 pounds of caviar for 82 diners. That’s about 4 1/2 ounces per person — two to four times the amount chefs traditionally serve to wealthy diners.

Good for those who will benefit from this abuundance.