Daily Archives: December 27, 2008

Bank Robber Gets Locked In Bank And Gets Arrested

This robber did not plan out his escape too well.  Caught on closed circuit security cameras.

See video here.

CCTV:November 14/08,Manchester,England.BUNGLING raider Rikki Doakes was caught when he was trapped inside the bank he was robbing.

Remarkable CCTV footage shows him repeatedly punching the glass double doors, kicking them, and then returning, in desperation, with a chair which he uses as a battering ram. What he doesn’t realise when he begins his attempted escape is that one of the doors is ac More..tually UNLOCKED.

He threatens staff with a fake pistol and takes £15,000 from the tills then tries to open the right-hand door to make his getaway. He finds it locked and orders the security guard to open it. What he doesn’t realise is that the left hand door is unlocked and that the quick-thinking security guard is actually locking the door, trapping him inside.