Snowzilla Reappears Despite Ban

Seems like Anchorage, Alaska’s Snowzilla has reappeared after a ban by city officials.  The 25 foot massive snowman, which has amused onlookers for years, has been banned by city officials because of traffic and onlookers to the small neighborhood where it is located.  Seems like a certain neighbor used to have the approval of neighbors until the snowman grew a little too large for the block.  That’s when neighbors complained and the city took action.  But now that the massive snowman has appeared, the original creator claims innocence.

Neighborhood pranksters must have intervened to save Snowzilla’s existence.

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The Anchorge Daily News has an entire section of stories dedicated to the popular behemoth snowman.  Get all your Snowzilla stories here.


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  1. Yeah…snowzilla. Awesome.