Daily Archives: January 2, 2009

Quick And Smart Thinkers

Survival can be based upon quick and smart thinking.  See what the following people did in order see another day.

  • Fact – guns are not allowed in hospitals.  Given – loaded guns are not a good idea in a critical care unit in a hospital.  Especially when the patient is pointing that gun at a nurse.  St Petersburg Times.
  • Liquor can be a strange numbing elixir for gunshot wounds, that will allow one to walk almost 2 miles to the hospital emergency room.  Or was it just a straightaway thought to maybe take it down Northern Boulevard, JCT, Roosevelt, Baxter and Broadway?  NY Post.
  • Water beats guns, grenades, and rocket propelled grenades.  Greek tanker crewmen defend themselves against Somali pirates with high pressure water jets.  Fox/AP.
  • And merely a challenge, this Puzzle Alarm  for the really smart and quick thinking of the Mensa caliber.  Lest repeated and louder punishment with every attempt to silence the alarm.  Technology Expert.