Daily Archives: January 4, 2009

Dog So Close To Death Astonshingly Rebounds

A severely neglected ad starving dog named Hobo was found  and taken to a pet hospital.  The 40 pound skin covered, emaciated dog was weak, and was perceived to have only a few days to live.  The mange-ridden creature however had the resilience to prove all wrong.

So he did.

Several months later, with lots of love, food, attention, and clipped nails, he is now identifiable as a 66 pound, 12-year old German Shepard, who can easily walk and carry on as most dogs.  Thanks to his adoptive caretakers, who have a farm with 10 other dogs.

See the images here of this heartbreaking, yet amazing recovery at The Sun.


Monster who starved Hobo gets 25-year ban.  From keeping animals.

…she argued Hobo had always been thin, that he was eating and drinking – and she was treating him with SHAMPOO.

She was given a 12-month supervision order as well as the ban.

Excellent evidence of why some humans should not be pet owners.