Daily Archives: January 10, 2009

Cutting Edge Swiss Army Knife

Not your daddy’s Swiss army knife.  Not the one you grew up with either.

This modernized device intends to outfit the urbanite with the latest necessities all in one package.

Check out the new cutting edge device spotted at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show.

Image courtesy of http://www.swiss-knife.com/asp/detail.asp?lan=EN&code=4.6027.TG16&shop=SK.

Laser pointer or LED light  versions of the Presentation Pro come with the usual gadgets, and now include USB memory, slick safe password storage, Bluetooth, and fingerprint security feature.    To transport that critical information without fear of falling into the wrong hands.   And yet still the capability of clipping, filing, and cutting.  Airport friendly device without the knife too.

Kudos to Victorinox for keeping up with the times.