Crossword Puzzle Takes On Urban Landscape

An unconventional way to get the residents and visitors involved in a local project.  Fun at that too.  When was the last time a building in your neightborhood had a giant 100 foot crossword puzzle  placed on the side of an apartment building? 

Well wonder no  more.  In Lvov, Ukraine, we see the city’s attempt to have its residents and visitors amusingly partake in filling in the blanks through its cultural monuments and landmarks.  Thus completing the crossword puzzle located along the building facade.

By day, the crossword puzzle demonstrates empty spaces.  By night, lights reveal the answers.  Enthusiasts meet up and socialize over the answers outside at night.

The project did not include the usual inverted puzzle with answers, elsewhere in the city. 

Video also at English Russia.

Russian puzzle on the house in Ukraine 1 

Russian puzzle on the house in Ukraine 2



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