Daily Archives: January 11, 2009

Pump Up The Eyelids

Blowing your nose when it’s broken makes your eye look like a vagina was how this fellow entitled a self made video of the painful abnormality that occurs when air goes somewhere it’s not supposed to go. 

Medline Plus.  Subcutaneous emphysema occurs when air gets trapped under tissues, often seen as a bulging of the skin.  When felt, it gives the sensation of crackling.  May occur as the result of a fracture.  Seems to occur when an air filled structure leaks air into the neighborhood tissue.  Rib fracture can puncture a lung.  Facial fractures can leak air around the face.  Stabbings from the neck or lungs can leak air around those regions. 

How charming.  Rice Krispies.  Under the skin.  Air bubbling up.

Maybe this man should seek care before his eyelids carry him off like a hot air balloon, and his flesh crunches snap , crackle, pop.

See video here.