First Lady Fashion Display

First Lady Fashion brings us a quick review on the new outfits destined to go down in history.  Somehow, First Lady Michelle Obama’s clothing selection for these historic times, is raising several questions regarding her designer choice and the selected outfits.  As a result, many eyebrows have gone north with the nagging question of, “Why?”  Read on.

UPDATE:  Jason Wu’s rise in the fashion world and how he made it to the Big Time…From Trannies to First Lady.

Before designing Michelle Obama‘s inaugural gown, Jason Wu toiled in toys creating dolls of the First Lady of Drag, RuPaul, and the self-appointed “World’s #1 Transexual”, Amanda Lepore.

Michelle’s in good company!

Jason Wu creation is pic #2.

Two unfortunate selections.  UPDATE:   The third is today’s prayer service choice.  It just keeps getting worse.  Michelle Obama Fashion FAILURE.

Isabel Toledo $1500.00 sheath.  What do you think?  2nd one was no winner either.  Too difficult to dance in and the flower pasties looked like arts and crafts.  Well, she will get better as this goes on.  We have seen her in other dresses that were far more flattering.

Garment designers.

Some comments:

Pics of what we might have seen from Jason Wu.  Caution.

  • Underwhelmed by her choice.
  • It was both inappropriate for the magnitude of the event and unflattering to her skin color. The green gloves were jarring. I hope any comparisons between her and Jackie Kennedy end today.
  • The former First Lady would roll over in her grave if she even thought there were similarities.
  • The dress color did not flatter her skin; the crocheted effect was too “spring-like” and the bejeweled collar was too “cocktail party”. Nothing worked.
  • I would have dressed her in winter white and had her wear pearls.
  • While not a home run, we think the evening outfit (Jason Wu) was much better than what she wore during the day.
  • It looks like those weird chenille bed-throws you find in budget motels. or on your auntie’s bed in the ‘sixties. Made her butt look like Alaska.
  • Fashion Icon??!! Ha!! Michelle is losing her touch. I didn’t like her yellow dress and the green gloves made the ensemble that much worse! As for the evening dress, it looked like a big ol’ curtain on her..the flowers or beads on it were horrendous and I agree that she should have worn her hair up. And what was she thinking on election night??
  • Wilma Flintstone has worn that dress for years!
  • She looks like she has toilet paper on her shoulder rather than a strap in this dress. If the strap was gone I might have said this dress is pretty…
  • I’m greatly disappointed.
  • And Wilma wore it better too!!!
  • Horrible fitting..Made her look dumpy. Color was ok, however, the green gloves were a different color green than the shoes. They were an odd mismatch..Brocade was too old looking for her..Hope she improves …
  • Big Nay! The matchy, matchy coat and dress is so unchic. The color isn’t flattering on her and don’t even get me started on the color of those shoes and gloves. They don’t go with her her dress color at all. Too bad, since the rest of the family looked quite nice.
  • WTF is Michelle wearing? The table cloth or the curtains? A tablecoth? Geez, the kids should dress her. She’s a nightmare. Too bad some of Palin’s old clothes wouldn’t fit her. These pics are not picking up on the vomit green quality to the tent…. hmmmmm, I wonder if Meesh will donate the material of the dress for a couch I want to reupholster in the basement.

Dan adds:
A few thoughts about “the dress.”
  1. Is Michelle pregnant? (Maybe Andy Sullivan knows)
  2. What’s with that faux diamond thingy?
  3. It’s winter whites, dahling, not winter yellow.
  4. Did we think we were going to Die Fledermaus?
  5. Did we think we were auditioning for Die Fledermaus?
  6. More proof “Chicago style” is an oxymoron.
  7. Affirmative action lives. The media loves her in that thing.
  8. $250,000 for clothes, but at least Sarah Palin got her money’s worth.
  9. No better reason to hope this is her husband’s first and last inauguration.
  10. Where is Mr. Blackwell when you need him?
  11. Where is Jackie Kennedy when you need her?
  12. 12. Luckily, her girls got their taste gene from dad.

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